Drake's New Song Was Basically Made For TikTok, So Who's Ready to Dance the "Toosie Slide"?

Once again, Drake has got us in our feelings. As we have our heads buried in our phones at all hours trying to learn TikTok’s new dance crazes, Drake’s new song “Toosie Slide” just gave us our task of the day. The rapper released the smooth song on Friday, blessing our playlists and our footwork with some much-needed tunes, and we have no doubt that this is about to be a popular dance craze based on the lyrics alone.

In the chorus, Drake sings, “It go right foot up, left foot, slide. Left foot up, right foot, slide. Basically I’m saying either way we ’bout to slide,” as he instructs our choreography like a high-school cheer coach. Aside from the dance, the best thing to come out of this video is undoubtedly the visuals of Drake’s mind-blowing new Toronto mansion, which could easily pass for a 5-star hotel.

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