Drake ‘Missing’ Son Adonis Like ‘Crazy’: Being Isolated Away from Him Is Hard

Despite being in the same city, Drake and his two-year-old son are quarantined separately — and the time apart is part of what inspired the rapper to share pics of Adonis with the world!

Drake is spending his quarantine in his hometown of Toronto, and his son, Adonis Graham, 2, is right nearby with mom, Sophie Brussaux. However, since Drake hung out with Kevin Durant, who tested positive for coronavirus, in March, he’s been in self-isolation — which means he hasn’t been able to see his little boy. “His two weeks [of self-isolation] are up today [April 1],” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “But he might wait a little longer to see Adonis, just out of caution. He would never forgive himself if he put Adonis at risk.”

Of course, Drake is missing his two-year-old son like crazy while they’re separated during such a difficult time. “He’s used to being able to see Adonis whenever he wants, and being in self-isolation is really driving him crazy,” our insider explained. All of the alone time has allowed Drake to do some self-reflecting, which is part of the reason that he posted pictures of Adonis on his Instagram page for the very first time on March 30.

“Drake and Sophie both agreed that now was a good time to spread some light into the world,” the source added. “There is nothing that brings more light to Drake’s life than his son.” A second insider also revealed, “Now, more than ever, he wants to make sure that people know where he stands as a father. He wants his son to have as normal of a life as possible, but he likes sharing him with his fans to show how much he means to him.”

Sophie got pregnant with Adonis after a fling with Drake at the beginning of 2017. The little guy was born in October of that year, but the news was not made public until May. Unfortunately, Drake didn’t get to share the exciting announcement on his own — his nemesis, Pusha T, exposed the baby news in a diss track in May 2018. Drake then confirmed it was true on his own album, released just weeks later.

Drake has since explained that the reason he didn’t come clean about having a baby earlier is because he was waiting on paternity test results. With blue eyes and blonde hair, it’s pretty clear that Adonis doesn’t look much like his father, so there was, of course, some hesitation on Drake’s part at first. However, once it was confirmed that Adonis was his, he’s stepped into the role of being a dad big-time!

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