'Don't start!' – Ronnie O'Sullivan fumes at referee's warning in fiery final

Ronnie O’Sullivan left the Crucible arena in a fiery mood after a clash with referee Olivier Marteel in the afternoon session of his World Snooker Championship final with Judd Trump.

The Rocket leads 5-3 following the conclusion of the afternoon session and the final frame saw tensions reach boiling point for the world No.1

The last frame of the afternoon saw O’Sullivan blast at the yellow off two cushions and hit the black in frustration before heading back to his chair.

Referee Marteel proceeded to head over to where O’Sullivan was sat, appearing to whisper some kind of warning to him – although it’s not clear over what.

However, the six-time world champion didn’t take too kindly to his warning, reacting furiously as microphones picked up O’Sullivan saying: ‘You saw nothing. Don’t start.’

O’Sullivan left the arena without shaking hands with Marteel and in a brief interview with Eurosport afterwards he refused to go into detail about what happened but did say Marteel ‘seems to be looking for trouble, I just get a vibe from the guy.’

Earlier in the match O’Sullivan also complained to the referee about a security guard in the ground who kept moving in his eyeline.

Ronnie O’Sullivan asking the ref to have a go 😂 pic.twitter.com/zcWwOBlC2g

‘He keeps moving about, the security guard – just tell him to stay out of my eyeline,’ O’Sullivan told the referee, who in turn waved and instructed the person in question.

‘He is staring at someone in the audience here!’ said commentator Dave Hendon.

‘He is right in his eyeline. I mean, he potted the pink, but he still wants the person… in fact, it is the security guard he is talking about!

‘It is not actually a spectator. He is in a mean mood here isn’t he!’

The final resumes at 6.45pm tonight with the conclusion unfolding on Monday.

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