Donald Trump Walks Out of Piers Morgan Interview After Election Results Question

Donald Trump appears to have walked out of an interview with Piers Morgan after the controversial broadcaster pressed him on the results of the 2020 presidential election.

In a new clip of the interview, which will air on Talk TV’s “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on April 25, the former president asks Morgan to “turn the cameras off” and calls him “very dishonest.”

“I think I’m a very nice man. Much more honest than you, actually,” a sweaty Trump says to Morgan at the beginning of the clip.

Morgan then begins to ask Trump about his denial regarding losing the 2020 election to President Joe Biden. “It was a free and fair election. You lost,” Morgan says to Trump, to which he replies: “Only a fool would think that.”

Morgan continues, “With respect, you have to produce the hard evidence.” The conversation then gets even more heated as Trump tells Morgan, “I don’t think you’re real. Let’s finish up the interview.” Footage is then shown of Trump standing up and walking off-camera, ordering production to “turn the cameras off” and muttering that Morgan is “very dishonest.”

Trump and Morgan have known each other since 2008, when Morgan became the first winner of Trump’s reality show “Celebrity Apprentice.” In a column for the New York Post released shortly after the interview clip, Morgan explains that Trump had been sent a document containing negative comments he had made about Trump prior to the interview. As the two sat down for their discussion, Morgan says that Trump began to read out the list of comments, which included Morgan calling Trump a “supreme narcissist.” However, Morgan says the two engaged in a 75-minute interview before he asked about the election, at which point Trump walked out.

Morgan writes in the column that he sent Trump an email following the interview thanking him, but never received a response.

“Perhaps we’ll never speak again, and our friendship is over?” Morgan writes in the column. “I hope not. Donald Trump remains one of the world’s most interesting people, he is still the most popular Republican choice for 2024 nominee, and if Biden’s presidency continues to self-implode as badly as it currently is, he could end up back in the White House in two years. In which eventuality, I can only imagine his fury if we all say that election was rigged, and Biden had the presidency stolen from him.”

Watch the preview clip below.


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