Divorce lawyers share clients' ridiculous reasons for ending marriages

The final straw! Divorce lawyers reveal the bizarre reasons clients have given for ending a marriage – from an argument over cat food to a newlywed who brought his mother on honeymoon

  • Divorce lawyers have shared odd reasons behind clients ending their marriages
  • People from across the world shared the motives on rediscovered Reddit thread
  • They included a wife who feared her husband was overfeeding their beloved dog

Married couples promise to love each other through thick and thin – but these outrageous divorce stories prove that sometimes it’s the little things that drive them to the brink.

Divorce lawyers from the US and UK revealed the outrageous reasons clients have given for ending their marriage, including a couple who disagreed about cat food and a wife who was forced to honeymoon with her mother-in-law. 

The anonymous accounts were shared on Reddit and collated into a jaw-dropping thread by Bored Panda. Some of the posts were shared by concerned friends and co-workers who had their own outrageous divorce stories to share.   

Here, FEMAIL reveals a selection of the most baffling… 

Divorce lawyers from the US and UK revealed the outrageous reasons clients have given for ending their marriage. Stock image

A wife feared having overweight children so much that she divorced her husband after he refused to stop feeding their dog, according to this social media user. It is unclear where they are from

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This American lawyer revealed that one partner decided to divorce their wife after discovering she often left a mess in the bathroom

An anonymous lawyer claimed one client divorced her husband because he was still breastfeeding from his mother

This American lawyer explained how a marriage ended after a wife fell for a scam which promised she could marry the ‘Prince of Turkey’ for a $45,000 fee

A paralegal, thought to be from the UK, revealed one married couple got divorced because they couldn’t agree over what to call and feed their beloved pet cat

This person, thought to be from America, knew of one woman who divorced their husband the same day she married him as a family fight broke out at their wedding reception

This American social media user divulged how a coworker once divorced someone because they were ‘too good-looking’ to trust, and ended another marriage when the husband came home with the wrong brand of food

One anonymous lawyer explained how two sets of married couples divorced, before swapping partners and homes

A person divorced their wife after she defended her father who had ‘murdered two people in a robbery-gone-wrong’. It is unclear where this event took place

One person, believed to be from Britain, said a divorce lawyer handled a case where the children became the main issue, as unbelievably, ‘neither parent wanted them’

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