Dad in trouble with wife and daughter after buying McDonald's for himself, and only himself

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This dad’s trip to McDonald’s is leaving the whole family salty.

An anonymous dad on Reddit claims his wife has dubbed him “childish” for refusing to buy McDonald’s for their misbehaving daughter — but only after he bought himself some McDonald’s, and ate it all in front of the young girl.

The user, who shared the story to Reddit on Tuesday, said he had recently had “an argument” with the 10-year-old girl about her household chores, as she had failed to mop the hallway as part of her weekly duties, and only cleaned the floor of her own bedroom.

The next Friday, the Redditor says he felt like eating McDonald’s after a long day of work, so he called both his wife and daughter separately, to ask if they’d like any. The wife said she was planning to eat some chicken salad that she had made, and the daughter, who “answered quote loudly and rude,” hung up once he mentioned their earlier disagreement.

The parent phoned the daughter, 10, and intended to ask if she wanted McDonald’s — but she was still upset over a previous scolding and quickly hung up the phone.


With no one else actually confirming they wanted McDonald’s, the Reddit user bought only enough food for one and brought it home to eat at the dinner table.

“My daughter had to eat chicken salad with my wife while glaring at me enjoying my meal, which I would have shared with her if she asked nicely, but she said nothing so I finished [it] all,” the post reads.

“After dinner my wife told me that I was being childish to not buy[ing] for my daughter as we both know that she loves McDonald's,” he added.


Eventually, the girl got her McDonald’s after “begrudgingly” mopping the hallway the next day, but Reddit users were quick to assure the man that, while he may have been acting childish, he wasn’t entirely wrong.

“Lol this is something I would totally do,” reads one of the 800-plus comments on the post. “And she did get her McDonald's so it's a happy ending.”

“It all played out well in the end, lesson learned, hopefully no hard feelings and still [McDonald’s],” another agreed. “[The] daughter won't be harmed by having had to eat a chicken salad (which is usually delicious anyway!) that one night.”

“She is a brat and deserved it,” yet another person wrote. “You didn’t act childish you just gave her a punishment.”

“She is a brat and deserved it,” one person agreed after reading the parent’s plight. “You didn’t act childish you just gave her a punishment.”


There were a few, however, who took issue with other aspects of the story — namely the part about a 10-year-old mopping a house, and the dad’s preference for McDonald’s over his own wife’s cooking.

“I have no idea how you could stand to let a 10[-year-old] mop,” one person wrote. “I struggle letting other adults mop because they do it wrong.”

“Why you eating McDonald’s over your wife's chicken salad,” someone else said. “Man that ain't right.”

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