Cricket and the Rainbow Nation: The quota system and the importance of Kagiso Rabada

We are giving you the chance to rewatch our 2017 series on the dramatic history of South African cricket.

Cricket and the Rainbow Nation charted the Proteas’ highs, including how they ascended to the top of the Test rankings under Graeme Smith.

But the low points are also examined, notably South Africa’s international sporting exile for over 20 years during the apartheid era.

Each Sunday we brought you an episode on the Sky Sports website and app and we conclude with a look at the quota system and how important Kagiso Rabada is for the future of Proteas cricket.

  • Episode 1 – Isolation
  • Episode 2 – Back in the Big Time
  • Episode 3 – Rise to the Top

EPISODE 3 – Old Sins

Charles Colvile returns to South Africa to see what progress cricket, and the country as a whole, has made in leaving the troubles of the past behind.

Is the apartheid era now just an entry in the history books for modern South Africans, is the quota system working, and why do some still think they are better off seeking fame and fortune elsewhere?

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