Cleaning fanatics share £3 solution to easily get mould and mildew off shower

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There is nothing worse than a shower or bathroom that is covered with mould and mildew.

However, cleaning fanatics have shared handy hacks on how to get rid of it once and for all.

The cleaning hack came after one person asked for help in a Mrs Hinch Facebook group.

Mrs Hinch, who is now a social media star, is known for her handy cleaning hacks – and now fans of hers have set up their own groups online.

Writing in the group, the woman said: "So embarrassed to be posting this, we moved into a house and this is the state of the en suite shower it makes me feel sick!

"I’ve tried Viakal and Astonish mould and mildew on it so far any help please."

Alongside it, she shared photos of the shower seal and walls covered in mould.

The post has racked up hundreds of replies as fellow cleaning fans gave their tips.

Although many suggestions were shared, the majority told the woman to try Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover, which can be purchased for just £3 online.

One wrote: "Seal off, spray cilit bang mould and mildew all over it, and inside it, leave for a couple of hours. Then rinse off."

While another added: "Cilit bang black mould spray remember open window."

A third chimed in: "Cilit bang black mould remover, my shower was like this, left it on for a little longer than said and just washed off, I was amazed."

While a fourth added: "Elbow grease spray and/or cillit bang mould remover!"

As well as this, other Mrs Hinch fans said bleach often works too, while many suggested she just buy a new shower seal.

One advised: "I noticed you can buy new rubber seals for the bottom of showers in B&Q yesterday. Maybe that would be better?"

While another added: "If you can’t get this clean you can buy a new one online for under £10. That way you know it will be perfect and not other people’s grime."

Mrs Hinch fans are known to share tons of helping cleaning hacks in the Facebook groups.

It comes after they suggested a 79p hack for "melting grease off" kitchen extractor fan grills.

The tip came after one user posted: “Saw a post a week or so ago on advice for cleaning extractor fan grills. Any help guys?

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“I’m soaking them in hot water at the moment with Fairy liquid but when I’ve done this before they are still quite sticky despite scrubbing them.”

The post got a lot of responses from Mrs Hinch fans with the majority recommending they use “soda crystals”.

One advised: “Soak in soda crystals and hot water.”

While another added: “Soda crystals. Gets rid of all the sticky oils, it’s amazing stuff.”

A third chimed in: “Soda crystals. Did mine a couple of months ago and it still looks fab.”

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