Chrissy Teigen Held a Very Serious Wedding for Luna's Stuffies

How is everyone feeling, this morning? Did you manage to hold on to any scraps of rational thought after yet another weekend at home with your kids? We’re not exactly sure if Chrissy Teigen and John Legend did. Or maybe they’re the sanest people around. It all depends how you interpret the fact that they just held an elaborate wedding ceremony for daughter Luna’s stuffed animals.

Evidence that Teigen and Legend just plain lost their minds:

Beginning on Saturday, Teigen started announcing on Twitter and Instagram that this wedding would take place the next morning.

“Planning a wedding for tomorrow between a stuffed bunny and stuffed lamb,” she wrote.
“Their song is ‘can’t keep my hands to myself’ and food will be peanut butter on little spoons.”

Teigen then proceeded to bake a two-tiered chocolate fudge brownie cake early Sunday morning, before the planned 10 am ceremony.

With Luna’s help, Legend lined an aisle with stones on their back porch, facing the beach. (Which, incidentally, we would happily maintain months of quarantine on that porch.)

As Teigen shared the preparations for the event on social media, she looked a little worn out by the whole thing. It reminded us of what Teigen told SheKnows earlier this year (1,000 years ago):

“I’m not the kind of person with energy,” she told us of dealing with her kids. “It’s really a difficult thing to deal with, because all [kids] want is your energy. All they want is to dance with you.” That is so many of us in this moment, and yet she powered on.

Parental exhaustion might, however, explain how an unplanned naptime appears to have delayed the ceremony by a bit.

Eventually, they streamed the whole thing live on Instagram. Teigen’s mother, Vilailuk Teigen, served as the flower girl, walking first down the aisle. Then Luna followed, escorting the bride and groom, Chloe and Nosh. Teigen officiated with a completely straight face.

“They’ve loved each other since the first second they laid eyes on each other, and they’ve never spent a night apart,” she said of her daughter’s toys. “They’ve had the support of their family and loved ones since day one.”

Then Legend stepped in to provide the music: his own melodious, a cappella cover of Selena Gomez’s “Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself,” complete with references to “metaphorical gin and juice.”

Vilailuk was the only one who seemed to have to stifle her laughter, covering her face during her son-in-law’s performance.

Evidence that Teigen and Legend are perfectly sane:

For one thing, this is not the first non-human wedding the couple has hosted in their home. Back in 2015, Legend officiated a wedding between their dogs, Puddy and Pippa. It was part of a fundraiser Legend was holding, but also, we suspect that these two are just romantics who love a good wedding.

Then there’s the good parenting perspective. By what seems like week 679 of social distancing, most of us have tired of playing board games and building forts with our kids. Sunday was when many of us gave up and watched TV all day, hoping the younger ones didn’t catch the fear and anxiety on our faces when we glanced at headlines. And yet, there were Luna and Miles’ parents, going in the other direction and pouring every ounce of their creativity into this multi-day make-believe project.

Would the rest of us find more stores of energy to share with our kids if we were isolated on a beautiful beach house rather than a two-bedroom apartment? Probably. But we can still take a little inspiration from those two stars. Maybe we can handle one more tea party today.

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