Chloe Ferry nearly caught in awkward blunder as top slips while filming video

Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry showcased her fast reaction skills while filming a video with her two French Bulldogs.

The 26-year-old appeared to be half naked in bed when one of her dogs began to lick other all over.

Finding the moment hilarious, the starlet decided to whip out her phone to capture her pets on camera and shared the snippet of the adorable duo with her 3.7million Instagram followers.

As the clip began, Chloe reached for her chest to ensure that her cleavage was covered up by a t-shirt that she wasn't wearing.

The duvet was also pulled up high to ensure that her modesty remained in tact.

During the bizarre encounter and speaking to camera, Chloe said: "Right, what is going on here?

"You are really enjoying that."

Before adding: "Me dogs are definitely lesbians. She's really really enjoying that look at her face."

Later on, Chloe returned to her story to explain that she'd received a romantic date gesture from one of her fans on the Depop selling site.

In bed again after a busy day, the reality star told fans: "Who said romance was dead.

"Honestly I've had some messages in my time but this one is me favourite.

"This one tops the biscuit. This is the message that I've just had on Depop."

The next story to appear read: "Next time you're in Manchester I'll buy you a Nandos."

In response, Chloe penned: "Well a do love chicken."

Recently, the Newcastle lass caused heads to turn as she unveiled her Halloween costume early on social media.

Posing up a storm the down-to-earth girl caused a heat surge as she modelled a sexy Playboy bunny costume at the weekend.

Shooting a cheeky glance to camera, she pouted her lips as her body did all of the talking in Hugh Hefner inspired ensemble.

Flashing a glimpse of her pert derrière, she donned an eye-popping pair of fishnet stockings and an PVC leotard that didn't leave much to the imagination.

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