China to build communist training camp in metaverse – says other VR is boring

Chinese authorities are set to build a Communist education school in virtual reality in a bid to get top party officials into VR.

According to Chinese virtual reality firm Mengke VR, the CCCP's metaverse will run history lectures and courses, host meetings and virtual events, and even let people explore virtual exhibits.

You'll be able to put down the videogames for something better, as Beijing's metaverse will include fun-filled courses such as "The Great New Era – Major Achievements of the Party and the Country Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China" and "The Code of Leadership of the Communist Party of China".

The new metaverse is primarily being used by the CCCP's top cadet training school, the Chinese Academy of Governance.

According to the South China Morning Post, a spokesperson for Mengke VR said that it "supports party-building work in a flexible and powerful way."

They also said that typical VR party building, which lets people visit virtual sites "becomes rather boring". In their metaverse, users will be able to move around and communicate with audio and 3D avatar virtual bodies while listening to narrators discussing "current hot topics and knowledge".

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This won't be the first VR project used by the Communist Party in China. In 2018, authorities reportedly used VR to "reinforce cadres' allegiance" to the party by making them answer questions after watching a documentary about communist heroes.

The project comes amid a clampdown by Beijing on videogame companies, with strict new laws governing not only game content but the amount of time children and young people can play videogames.

Under-18s may only play games for three hours a week, between 8PM and 9PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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