China Mocks U.S. Coronavirus Reaction In Animated Video

Chinese state media agency Xinhua News has released a video mocking the U.S. government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Published on its Youtube channel, Once Upon A Virus features two lego-like characters, one a Chinese warrior and the other the Statute of Liberty, having an exchange about the progression of the virus.

“We discovered a new virus,” says the Chinese character. “So what?” Is the U.S. character’s reply.

“It’s dangerous” is then met by “it’s only a flu”, and “stay at home” is met by “it’s violating human rights”, with a similar back-and-forth taking place throughout its 1.46 runtime.

Xinhua News is run by the Chinese government and is considered its propaganda outlet, therefore the critical take on the U.S. is hardly surprising.

To be clear, the Lego company has confirmed it had no part in the video, releasing a statement to Business Insider in which it said it wasn’t involved in any way.

The vid has more than a million views on Youtube and millions more across social media channels.

While the U.S., specifically Trump’s, reaction to the virus has quite regularly been derided (see the disinfectant ‘confusion’), China has also faced criticism for allegedly downplaying the virus initially, covering up the extent of its infections, and utilizing draconian measures to enforce its lockdown.

Even though there could be a shortage of animation films contending for this year’s awards season due to the industry shutdown, don’t expect this one to be in the running.

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