Celeste Barber hilariously roasts Kendall Jenner’s controversial Instagram photo

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Celeste Barber has been praised for her brilliant response to Kendall Jenner’s racy lingerie selfie with fans thanking the comedian for sharing a “real” woman’s body.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was accused of “photoshopping” a series of photos of herself in a red bra and matching tiny G-string, with some claiming it “promoted unrealistic body standards”.

The images had been taken behind the scenes at a photo shoot for sister Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand SKIMS, causing a frenzy of memes online.

But it seems relatable Australian parody queen Celeste Barber has won the meme-battle hands down with her response to the controversial snaps.

The 38-year-old – who was recently unveiled as the new face of beauty brand MCoBeauty – shared a mirror selfie of herself in a tiny red bikini alongside Kendall’s.

She captioned the side-by-side snaps: “SKIMS – Now with bonus yeast infection.”


A post shared by Celeste Barber (@celestebarber)

While Celeste’s 7.7 million followers quickly flooded the comments, many pointed out that the funny imitation was actually very powerful.

“All jokes aside, you actually look amazing,” one person said.

“I know you do these as a pisstake, but you actually look fire,” another agreed.

“You rock this look better than the original!” someone else declared.

“You look better than Kendall, for real,” one stated.

While one woman said: “I know it’s not the point of your post but I think the bikini actually looks lovely on you, you’re doing more to sell it to me than Kendal tbh.”

Another woman asked: “Celeste what is the joke here you’re just a legitimately hot woman wearing the same outfit another hot woman is wearing.”

Of course, many people still loved the comedy element to Celeste’s post, describing the photo as “gold” and “spot on”.

Kendall, 25, copped backlash after sharing a series of sexy shots and videos that showed her posing in red lingerie.

While many of Kendall’s friends and followers praised her in the comments section of the post, others accused her of “promoting unrealistic body standards”.

A number of fans took to social media to slam the reality star as they claimed she “photoshopped” the lingerie photos.

Alongside a mirror selfie that showed Kendall in the undergarments, the Instagram account Problematic Fame wrote: “This photo is very photoshopped. Kendall is obviously very gorgeous but these are not her real proportions, nor are they anybody’s.

“Please don’t compare yourself to heavily edited images. Even Kendall doesn’t look like this girl.”

Sharing side-by-side photos from the shoot that showed Kendall’s body looking slightly different, the account added: “She is posing in both, yet one is clearly photoshopped.

“Nobody’s belly button is just a tiny slit, nobody has a completely flat stomach 24/7.

“Everyone is gorgeous just as they are. This ridiculous photoshop needs to stop.”

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