Catherine Tate shares strange requests from fans who approach her on the street

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    Catherine Tate has revealed that fans come up to her on the street and ask her to swear at them – because they're huge fans of her iconic character Nan.

    The legendary comedian is famous for more than one reason, including her role as David Tennant's companion Donna in Doctor Who, her role as the new boss Nellie Bertram in the American version of The Office, and her award-winning BBC sketch show The Catherine Tate Show.

    So it's no surprise that 53-year-old Catherine gets spotted when she's walking down the street, even when she's the other side of the planet in Australia shooting her new comedy show.

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    Catherine has returned with her new BBC programme Queen of Oz, which starts on Friday (June 16) at 9.30pm on BBC One.

    In the show, she plays disgraced royal Princess Georgina, who is banished to Australia after vomiting on a child at school and other blunders giving her family a bad reputation.

    But it seems the Aussies are most fond of her iconic foul-mouthed Nan character from her BAFTA-winning sketch show.

    That's because Catherine told Daily Star and other press that when she was shooting her new show Down Under, Aussies would ask her to get into character and curse at them.

    Asked what people recognise her on the street for at the launch event of Queen of Oz, she said "Mmm! It depends. It’s also because I was in the American version of The Office. And that’s so international now.

    "It’s funny, and of course Doctor Who, so it’s like I’ve got three prongs of the fanbase. The comedy, the sci-fi and international.

    "I’m always surprised what people want me to say. I won’t say it now because it’s rude. A lot of people want me to be an old lady character called Nan. They want me to swear at them."

    Asked how she'd fare as a real member of the royal family, she admitted: "I don’t know, I can imagine nothing worse than having to dedicate your life to the public. I think that’s no mean feat.

    “I imagine if I was born into it, I would have had a bit of a head-start as to how I’d get my head around it. If someone just tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘You’re up,’, I think it would be difficult.

    “I’m sure it’s extremely difficult.”

    Queen of Oz starts on Friday 16th June at 9.30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer

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