Carole Baskin’s Chaotic ‘DWTS’ Performance Was Peak 2020

She danced to "Eye of the Tiger," because of course.

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba summed up pretty much everyone’s feelings after Carole Baskin’s debut Dancing With The Stars performance. "Carole Baskin just danced the Paso doble to ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ everyone. I’m still gathering myself," Inaba said. Same.

If Baskin sticks around beyond this week, she’s going to have a tough time topping this one. It was definitely not the best dance of the night (her 10-point score was actually the lowest of the evening), but it will probably be the most talked-about, because honestly what even is this year anymore?

Baskin became a widely known public figure after appearing as Joe Exotic’s animal activist arch-nemesis in Netflix’s Tiger King, and while she has many detractors, she also gained a lot of fans — including the DWTS judges.

Inaba was giddy at having fellow cat-lover Baskin on the show, and Derek Hough gave his commentary to the tune of the popular TikTok Carole Baskin meme. "Carole Baskin! You danced that Paso, you smashed it," he said. It makes sense that the judge’s advice would be a meme since this whole performance basically was.

In everything from her video package to her performance, Carole leaned into what has made her such a recognizable figure of 2020. She wore the all-animal print outfit, she danced to a song about tigers, she made her partner Pasha Pashkov a flower crown, and she addressed the audience as "all you cool cats and kittens." That could go a long way with getting fans to vote for her this season — a key ingredient to not getting eliminated from the show.

Baskin will also need to step it up on the dance floor to avoid getting booted from the show, but for coming in with zero dance experience and practicing her moves via virtual reality before meeting her partner, she didn’t do half bad. Now she just needs to kick it up a notch, or as Bruno Tonioli put it in cat-terms, "I want to hear you roar."

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