Carlo LiVolsi vows to make up for Toronto's 'disgusting' and 'dishonest' actions

CARLO LiVolsi has vowed to right the ‘disgusting’ and ‘dishonest’ actions at Toronto Wolfpack – and could bring Super League a huge pay day.

The Canadian millionaire hopes to take over the club that pulled out of the 2020 season and keep them in the top flight.

Unpaid wages to players over three months – about £500,000 – outstanding bills to companies, expired UK visas for overseas players and dropping out left a bitter taste in many mouths.

But LiVolsi, who was repulsed by the actions of the man who brought them to the top flight, David Argyle, believes he can make amends.

And if they stay in Super League, he hopes to win it in five years.

LiVolsi, who has presented an 80-page plan to Super League, the Rugby Football League and even held talks with Leeds Rhinos chief executive Gary Hetherington, said: “The way the club has acted is disgusting.

“I know David as well as anyone. I chose not to speak to him months ago because I didn’t like some of the things he did.

“You don’t try to promote yourself to be something you’re not for the sake of people liking you from an ego perspective.

“It’s unfair to the players that have worked hard, who have families and have rent to pay that they can’t even get paid.

“That’s dishonest and not the way you run a business, nor live your life.

“I feel for all the players and if we’re given the opportunity, things will be much different. They will be treated like family rather than outcasts – there’s no excuse for not paying your bills.

“If we get the club, we’ll pay all obligations to the players, 100 per cent of what they’re owed – that’s non-negotiable. All other bills, we’ll have to negotiate as other things are coming out of the woodwork.

“I’m personally owed money. David owed money to everyone, including the local barman.”

LiVolsi, who is in his 40s and made his money dealing in beauty products to major retailers around the world, including Woolworths in Australia, Walmart in the US and Boots in the UK, hopes to hear in the coming days whether his bid is successful and admits it is ‘Super League or bust.’

He is adamant the Wolfpack should receive a share of central distribution – worth about £2 million a year – saying if they pay other clubs’ travel costs, they should receive a handout in return.

And if he is successful, he will link up the competition with his Wolf Grooming brand, which launches in the UK next year.

That in itself could bring a huge pay day.

LiVolsi, a founding Wolfpack shareholder who worked with Argyle on previous deals, added: “This brand will help catapult the league into a marketing machine.

“The goal here is to partner with Super League and teams and market them to the 20 million eyeballs it gets throughout the year.

“I’ve a robust plan I believe will help make it successful and given the male audience is rugby’s largest, we can build it into a $100million partnership revenue wise over five years.

“I have relationships with a lot of successful companies, so I can call on the business community I know and can get a lot of sponsorship.

“But in any business, you can’t over promise and under-deliver. A lot of money has been spent and wasted in the wrong areas.

“David wanted to be known as a magnate, which he was never. I don’t know why Super League could say no.”

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