Cancer traits: When are Cancers born, is Cancer a water sign?

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Cancers have a reputation for being overly sensitive and clingy, but is that true? talks you through Cancer’s traits. When are Cancers born, is Cancer a water sign?

When are Cancers born?

Cancerians are born between June 21 and July 22.

This makes Cancer a cardinal sign, along with Libra, Capricorn, and Aries.

Cardinal signs start each of the four solar seasons, so they’re associated with leading and fresh starts.

Cardinal signs have a strong will and they don’t like to sit still.

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Cancer traits

Cancer, like its symbol the crab, has a hard shell.

Cancerians are tough on the outside and struggle to let you in because they’re so secretive.

However, Cancer is very empathetic and will listen to all of your problems.

Cancerians are soft on the inside, and they’re very sensitive to what others think of them.

Cancer is all about the home and the family.

These things provide Cancer with security and give them a sense of belonging.

Cancerians are the sign of the mother – they’re homemakers who don’t like taking risks.

Like the claws of a crab, they can be very clingy and will struggle to let go of their children or other family members when it’s time to move into the next stage of life.

You’ll find a Cancerian reminiscing on past family memories, or talking about “when the kids were small.”

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Unlike Aquarius and Sagittarius, Cancer is associated with the past rather than the future.

Cancer likes looking back fondly on their pasts and reminiscing about the adventures they’ve had.

They’re very sentimental so they’re happy to talk about your past and memories too.

It wouldn’t be surprising if a Cancer hoards old antiques and clothes they just can’t get rid of.

Is Cancer a water sign?

Cancer is a water sign, along with Scorpio and Pisces.

Water signs are emotional and introverted, and they aren’t as upbeat as the other signs.

They also hate being tied down, since water likes to take on its own shape and move where it wants.

They are empathetic and take on everyone else’s feelings.

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