Brits who risk amber list holidays get 'trips of a lifetime' with no queues, empty tourist attractions and cheap hotels

BRITS have been warned against going on holiday to countries on the amber list – but those who risk it are getting "trips of a lifetime" with no queues and quiet tourist attractions.

It also means some of the cheapest deals in years as tourist resorts try and encourage holidaymakers back with cheap deals.

The government has said that holidays to amber list countries are not advised, with Environment Secretary George Eustice saying Brits should stay at home this summer.

Yet families who choose to head abroad are likely to have a holiday experience that they won't get to experience again, with much fewer crowds and queues, as well as cheap prices.

In Spain, bars are offering pints for £1.20, while Malta is paying tourists up to £173 to book hotels on the island and Italian region Lazio is including free nights with hotel bookings.

Holidays are cheaper right now as well – seven night, all-inclusive holidays to Greece and Spain can be found for under £315 per person with TUI.

Some parts of Europe are starting to see more crowds as restrictions lift – Spain's beaches have been welcoming British tourists despite being on the amber list, while Venice has seen more crowds after lowering their own travel restrictions.

However, other parts of Europe are yet to see travellers return in their usual numbers.

Greece welcomed tourists back, including Brits, on May 14, although UK travellers have stayed aways due to the amber list restrictions that come with it.

Reporter Yannis Orestis Papadimitriou said to local media that tourists in Greece numbers won't be "anywhere close" to 2019 visitors – although a taxi driver on Santorini told the Telegraph: "It is the best time to be here – the weather is beautiful and yet we are empty."

Spanish restaurant owner Lorenzo Reverón told local media that Tenerife was "dead" despite usually being fully of holidaying Brits.

However, tourists wanting to head to Siam Park in Tenerife, voted the best water park in the world, can get a much quieter experience – the park sold 1,500 tickets in a day after opening last weekend, compared to 10,000 pre-pandemic.

And with the warning that there is unlikely to be any more countries added to the UK's green list this month, it means UK trips abroad are unlikely to be any easier any time soon.

While Brits will be able to enjoy a more relaxed and cheaper holiday if heading to amber-list Europe, families should also be aware of the risks of booking trips.

Not only does it require a mandatory 10-day quarantine when returning to the UK, but Brits also face little protection if something goes wrong, as travel insurance is likely to be void due to the government advice.

Mandatory Covid tests will also bump up the price – and the difficulty – of ah holiday, with a pre-arrival test need when returning to the UK, as well as on days two and days eight.

Countries such as Italy and Greece also require a Covid test on arrival, while France will allow vaccinated Brits to just have an antigen test.

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