Bridesmaid has a 'face like thunder' in Say Yes To The Dress

Opinionated bridesmaid pulls a ‘face like thunder’ when bride-to-be reveals her dream princess gown on Say Yes To The Dress – and says she’d prefer something ‘more sohpisticated’

  • Lisa, from Lancashire, is looking for showstopping princess gown for her big day 
  • Opinionated bridesmaid Leah would rather she opt for something figure hugging
  • They will feature on tonight’s episode of TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire 

A super opinionated bridesmaid has a ‘face like thunder’ as the bride chooses a showstopping princess dress in Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire. 

In tonight’s episode of the TLC show, excited bride-to-be Lisa, from Lancashire, admits she feels like a ‘kid in a sweet shop’ as she begins her search for her dream wedding gown. 

But Lisa’s brief for super stylist Gok Wan is far from straight forward, as she wants a showstopping princess gown that feels unique from all the dresses she’s seen on social media – much to the disapproval of bridesmaid Leah.

‘It is a nice dress, I just think the other fit was a lot nicer,’ says Leah, when Lisa showcases one of her possible options. ‘This isn’t the dress, it’s too big, it’s too blingy.’

In tonight’s episode of TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress, Lisa, from Lancashire, is on the search for her dream princess gown

Lisa’s opinionated bridesmaid Leah (pictured left) pulls a ‘face like thunder’ and would rather see her friend in a figure-hugging gown

Explaining her dream choice of gown, Lisa tells Gok: ‘I want to find a dress that hasn’t been worn before, I just want to be unique. I’ve seen a lot of brides and I want to be different to all of them.’ 

At the boutique with Lisa is her mum Anne, friend Natalie, and bridesmaid Leah, who, in complete contrast to the rest of the party, wants to see Lisa in something more figure-hugging. 

‘I’d prefer something a little more fitted,’ she says to Gok, shaking her head. ‘It would show off her figure and basically give her the sophisticated look.’ 

Sensing tension in the room, the stylist leads Lisa away from her entourage to try on some dresses.

Going against the majority verdict, Gok decides to start Lisa off in a fitted, fishtail gown to gauge what she really thinks of Leah’s suggestion.  

‘Gosh, it does look amazing doesn’t it?’ says Lisa, who is surprised by how much she likes it. ‘I never thought I’d see myself in that at all.’ 

As she tries on the princess gown, Lisa says she’s ‘excited’ to show her friends and family, but knows Leah ‘won’t like the dress at all’ 

When Leah ventures downstairs in the blingy gown (pictured), she clocks onto Leah’s disgruntled expression 

Sensing Leah’s excitement, Lisa makes her way downstairs to show her entourage, but despite her initial gasp at seeing her daughter in a wedding dress for the first time, mum Anne isn’t overly keen on the gown. 

‘Nowhere near big enough,’ she says. ‘It fits her absolutely beautiful and the flow of the dress is gorgeous, but it’s not quite the one.’ 

Just as Lisa predicted, Leah is full of praise for the dress, but wants less of exactly what Lisa wants more of: bling. 

‘I love the colour, I love the shape, I don’t like the shiny foil on it,’ she explains. 

Although shocked at how much she likes it, the bride-to-be admits that the fishtail gown isn’t enough to sway her away from going all in on a princess dress. 

Satisfied that Lisa’s ready to move onto to something bigger and better, Gok takes her back upstairs and presents her with a full, blingy strapless princess dress. 

Although unsure about the flowery lace, Lisa gives the dress a go when the super stylist adds an underskirt to make the dress larger. 

Making her way downstairs, Lisa’s apprehensive about what bridesmaid Leah will think. 

‘I am excited about showing this dress to my friends and family, but Leah won’t like this dress at all,’ she explains.

Walking out in front of her entourage, Lisa looks a million dollars, and a made up Anne gasps: ‘Wow, this is a statement dress! That is beautiful.’ 

But right on cue, Lisa clocks onto Leah’s disgruntled expression and says: ‘Leah’s pulling a face like thunder.’ 

Gok decides to start Lisa off in a fitted, fishtail gown (pictured) to gauge what she really thinks of Leah’s suggestion

With tension building between bride and bridesmaid, Lisa calls for a reality check and says: ‘Leah’s got to remember it is my dress, not hers.’

Back upstairs, the pressure is on for Gok to deliver something with the ‘wow’ factor Lisa’s after, as well as winning over stubborn bridesmaid Leah. 

‘The wow factor is everything and I’m definitely putting the pressure on myself to find it,’ explains Lisa. 

Happily, Gok thinks he’s nailed it, presenting Lisa with a dramatic princess dress with a full-on, sparkly skirt. But Lisa’s still not convinced. 

‘Gok walked in with the dress and I just wanted sold on it straight away,’ she says. ‘I thought the detail on it was not very nice!’ 

But with the dress on, Lisa changes her tune almost instantly and smiles: ‘Oh my gosh, you can’t get any moreprincess than that can you?’ When I saw the dress on the hanger it didn’t look like anything to me, but when I had it on it was just magical.’ 

Tearing up, Lisa makes the walk downstairs, hoping it’ll be third time lucky. For mum Anne and friend Natalie, it’s a winner. 

‘I just looked into her eyes and I was feeling so emotional and she’s looking back at me feeling the same,’ Anne says. ‘It’s timeless, it’s absolutely timeless!’ 

Nervously, Gok asks Leah what she thinks and to Lisa’s relief, the only face her bridesmaid is pulling this time is one of joy.

‘She’s won me,’ she says. ‘Even though the dress is not what I wanted for Lisa, it’s definitely right for her.’ 

And that’s all the motivation Lisa needs to say yes to the dress!

Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire airs 9pm on Fridays exclusively on TLC 

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