Beyonce Wears $30 Million Diamond As She And Jay-Z Represent Tiffany & Co.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have made history by participating in a historic ad campaign for Tiffany & Co. While the two married music moguls have certainly been part of a number of significant events during their wildly successful careers, this one holds particular significance in more ways than one.

This famed diamond has only been worn a select few times by the most iconic leading ladies, and in fact, Beyonce is only the 5th woman in history to adorn this incredible, 128.54 carat Tiffany diamond.  The Daily Mail reports the astounding value of this gem as being a jaw-dropping $30 million.

In keeping with this theme of setting new records, this is the very first time this diamond has been featured in an ad campaign.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z have truly defined opulence in its  highest form by becoming the faces of the Tiffany & Co. About Love Campaign.  This ad kicks off a yearlong partnership, and the Daily Mail reports that; “the company will release a short film that depicts Beyonce singing Moon River to her husband” to further stun fans that are already mesmerized by what they’re witnessing with this campaign.

There was an undoubtable ode to Audrey Hepburn’s style as Beyonce stunned in a slinky black dress which featured the breathtaking diamond in all its glory.

Originally unearthed in South Africa in 1877, this diamond has only ever been worn by the most elite, celebrated women. Those lucky enough to have had this experience include Mary Whitehouse, Lady Gaga, Gal Gadot, and the legendary Audrey Hepburn.

To describe this as a true honor for the superstar couple would be an understatement, as they once again prove that their powerhouse marriage reigns supreme.

In true Beyonce fashion, she didn’t just wear the diamond around her neck, she also happened to wear it around her neck… backwards. One portion of the photo shoot depicts her snuggling up to Jay-Z while the diamond gracefully and elegantly cascades down her back.

This ad campaign is among the most prestigious to ever be released, and even included a never-before-seen Jean-Michel Basquiat painting as a statement piece, which was of course, featured in the robins egg blue shade that defines the Tiffany’s brand.

Simply put, there is no other ad quite like this one, and fans across the globe are clamoring to view it in its entirety, and eager to see what comes next in this partnership between these two huge stars, and the iconic jewelry company they now represent.

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