Bang & Olufsen's New Beovision Contour TV Is Anything But Entry-Level

Bang & Olufsen is best known for its audio equipment, having recently released updated technology in the “Gold Collection” and its new Beolit 20 speaker. Now, the Danish stalwart has put the spotlight back on its luxury TVs, introducing the new Beovision Contour alongside an updated Beovision Eclipse 2nd Generation and a motorized stand for the flagship Beovision Harmony.

The new Beovision Contour is now Bang & Olufsen’s entry-level TV, but that is by no means a bad thing. We say “entry-level,” but it does in fact cost $5,900 USD. For that price, you get an exquisite design that doubles as a piece of interior design, alongside a screen measuring 48”. The design is meant to be an all-in-one TV-music entertainment experience, with its soundbar looking as if it just extends from the bottom of the screen naturally.

Bang & Olufsen also introduce the second-generation Beovision Eclipse in both 55” and 65” screen sizes. It offers the latest LG OLED GX screen technology to deliver a crisp and premium display, and has a new sound center that features an integrated and powerful three-channel stereo set-up. This new model costs approximately $11,500 USD.

Rounding out Bang & Olufsen’s updated TV portfolio is the top-spec, $18,500 USD Beovision Harmony with wooden trim detailing. The monster of a TV measures at 65” or 85” and now comes with a motorized stand, which makes for an even more immersive viewing experience.

Take a look at all three TVs above, and buy the Beovision Contour and Eclipse at Bang & Olufsen stores and online in Europe now. These two will release globally in February 2021, while the Beovision Harmony’s upgrades are also available in 65” form now.

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