Anna Vakili says she secretly heard Yewande blasting music before show started

Anna Vakili has spilled a load of explosive Love Island secrets whilst speaking about her time on the show – including one hilarious moment where she heard Yewande Biala playing Taylor Swift tunes from her tent before she met her on the show.

Anna, 30, didn't hold back as she revealed all in an exclusive Facebook Live interview with the Daily Star on Wednesday afternoon (24 June), ahead of the new series of the show which kicks off on Monday next week.

The gorgeous model – who has just joined the Daily Star team a a Love Island columnist – has promised readers she'll be giving her "No filter opinion and personal experiences" and she's certainly lived up to that promise already.

During the gossip-filled Facebook chat, Anna recalled how she was put in isolation for 5 days with her fellow Islanders before they went in front of the cameras – and how "scary" the whole experience was.

Speaking to the Daily Star's Carly Hacon, Anna began by saying that she was put in a "random hotel" before being placed in a field along with the other contestants.

She admitted how intimidating she found the experience, saying: "Honestly, it's so scary those five days. You just can't stop thinking."

She then went on to describe how they put in a field, where she got a taste of the other Islanders as she could hear them from their tents despite not having met any of them.

Anna explained: "Then as soon as you come out they put in a tent and there's loads of tents for all the contestants and you can hear the other contestants before you go into the villa.", adding that it was "really strange".

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The star then recalled a hilarious run-in with her fellow contestant Yewande Biala, 26, before the pair became best friends on the show, explaining: "I could remember hearing Taylor Swift's music from one of the other tents and I found out that that was Yewande."

Anna recalled how having to stay with her chaperone was quite "awkward" at first, but by the end of it they were like "best friends".

The contestants are assigned the professional by Love Island bosses – and they are tasked with staying with the Islanders as they isolate before the show stars.

Later on in the interview, Anna opened up about her villa friendships and told the Star how important her bonds with her best friends Amber Gill and Yewande was to her.

Anna even confessed that at one point, her friendships with the two girls kept her from walking out of the villa after a low point and leaving the show altogether.

When asked about her friendships with Yewande and Amber, Anna commented: "Oh my god it got me through. I actually think if it wasn't for them I actually would left and have walked out. Like at one point I did want to walk out and leave."

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"But we just kept each other going."

However, Anna was also quick to mention her other friendships in the villa which included stars like Molly-Mae and Amy, and she said: "Even down to Amy and Molly and Maura. We were all so close and we all had each other's backs so it was really nice.

"It just made it easier because you're away from your family."

Anna then cheekily quipped that it's important to gang together with the girls because "you can't trust these guys [Islanders]".

The trained pharmacist "I'm so excited to announce I'm going to be the new columnist for the Daily Star for the entirety of Love Island.

"Every week I will be giving you my NO filter opinion and my personal experiences!

Anna appeared on series 5 of Love Island and made it to day 42 – after enjoying romances with her cast mates which included Jordan Hames and Ovie Soko.

Love Island starts at 9pm Monday 28th June on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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