Amazon Echo vs Google Home: There’s never been a better time to buy a smart speaker

We’d wager that there has never been a better time to go (online) shopping and treat yourself to a shiny new smart speaker. As millions continue to work, exercise, and take lessons at home, there will be ample opportunities to use the always-listening smart assistant to order takeaways, get the latest headlines and weather updates, and call friends and family. And to make things even better, Google and Amazon are offering these intelligent devices at a much lower price – with the gadgets now starting from as little as £29.

Along with the standard speakers being reduced, there’s also the option to save money on smart home gadgets with a touchscreen – such as the Google Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and Echo Show series all discounted too.

Whatever you’re looking for to upgrade your home, there is a deal available.

These more interactive gadgets can display a swathe of useful information on their screens such as weather and news reports plus there’s even the option to watch movies or use them as mini karaoke machines.

If you fancy a new smart speaker here’s all of the deals available right now


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Google Nest Mini • NOW £29 – SAVING £20

Google Nest Home • NOW £69.99– SAVING £10.99

Google Nest Home Max • NOW £199– SAVING £20

Amazon Echo • NOW £69.99 – SAVING £20

Amazon Echo Dot • NOW £29.99 – SAVING £20

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock • NOW £39.99 – SAVING £20

Amazon Echo Show 5 • NOW £59.99 – SAVING £30

Amazon Echo Show 8 • NOW £79.99 – SAVING £40

It’s worth noting that all of the deals above won’t be around for long. Google says its offers end on May 26 and Amazon confirming that the Echo price cut is for a Limited Time only – staying quiet about the actual deadline.

Along with offering discounts on its range of smart speakers, Google has also announced deals on its security systems which even includes a bundle with a Nest Hello and Mini.

Here’s the latest deals:

Nest Protect 3 Pack • NOW £269 – SAVING £30

Nest Cam Outdoor • NOW £149 – SAVING £30

Nest IQ Outdoor Camera • NOW £279 – SAVING £50

Nest Hello and Hub • NOW £249 – SAVING £59.99

Nest Hello and Mini • NOW £229 – SAVING £49

Amazon and Google are constantly improving their smart speakers with Amazon recently releasing its clever Whisper Mode which means Alexa replies with a quieter tone if you whisper your request to the assistant.

And Google has also just made some tweaks to its all-important Google Home app. The upgraded menu has been tweaked in a bid to better organise the vast array of options for all of your smart devices.

Home Settings is accessible from the top two rows of shortcuts, where users can quickly sort through the connected gadgets in their home based on the type, including Lights, Media, Cameras, Wi-Fi and more.

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