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THE cost of living crisis has seen households across the UK struggling to make ends meet.

As inflation hits 9.4% people's money is not going as far, as food and fuel costs remain at sky high numbers.

Martin Lewis has already warned energy bills could rise by another £1,000 a year this winter.

The government has announced NHS doctors and dentists will get a 4.5% wage boost, while the lowest workers in the health service, including porters and cleaners, will get up to 9.3%.

And some companies this year have also offered their employees pay rises or bonuses.

Stephen Moore, partner and head of employment at law firm Ashfords, said more often than not employees had annual pay reviews, but it wasn't common practice to get a straight pay rise.

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Pay rises are usually not contractual either, but are up to company's discretion.

"Unless there is a contractual right and or an unionised recognition in place then its usually an annual review – not an annual increase," he said.

"Very rarely (unless agreed as part of a union deal) will there be a commitment to increase salaries but there will be annual review."

When you'll actually get a bonus may depend on your sector as well.

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Stephen said professional services, like accounting, usually offer up bonuses around March or April time.

In the banking sector you usually receive a bonus at the end of the calendar year, in late December.

Stephen explained: "The financial year is often the obvious and natural choice for a bonus for non-banking companies as the company can review its performance with some certainty."

Virgin Money

The company revealed it will offer a £1,000 one-off bonus to thousands of staff.

The banking group will give the lump sum to employees earning £50,000 a year or less – this works out as 78% of its workers.

It said around 6,000 employees will receive the bonus in their August pay.

Staff were told about the boost through an internal letter.

Lloyds Banking Group

Virgin Money isn't the only banking group sending out one-off payments to staff.

Lloyds said last month it would also hand out a £1,000 bonus to staff to help them through the cost of living crisis.

It is offering the money to over 64,000 members of staff – that means 99.5% of the bank's employees.

As with Virgin Money, staff were told about the pay boost, which will land in bank accounts in August, through an internal letter.


Thousands of employees at the historic car company are set to be offered a £2,000 bonus.

Roughly 11,000 workers in its manufacturing plants will get the bonus in their August pay.

Around 3,000 junior manager staff will also get the same lump sum bonus.

The manufacturing plant workers will get a 4% salary increase backdated to March as well – equivalent to an £800 pay rise for a full-time worker on £20,000 a year.


Around 35,000 staff members at the bank will see their pay rise by £1,200 a year from August 1.

Employees in customer-facing, branch and junior support roles will see their pay packets jump up.

The salary increase came ahead of the company's annual pay review that would have come into effect from March next year.

And the bank said it would potentially look at staff's pay at different operations across the world.

British Airways

The major airline is offering some new staff a £1,000 sign-on bonus in a bid to attract more employees.

The payment is split into two – £500 is paid in month three after joining, and another £500 in month six.

One of the roles which includes the bonus is grounds operations agent – starting at a salary of around £25,000.


One of the UK's other big airlines is offering its cabin crew a "recognition payment" at the end of the summer season.

The company said it was making the payment to recognise team members' efforts over the past few months.

It comes after months of travel chaos across UK airports with flights being cancelled or delayed.


Meanwhile, Morrisons will give 80,000 store and manufacturing staff a 2% pay rise from October.

The supermarket chain will up its wages for those members of staff to £10.20 an hour.

It is understood that after the salary hike, it will be the highest paying UK supermarket.

However, it's not the first in recent memory the company has upped staff salaries – last year it hiked pay by 9% for 96,000 staff.

Moneysupermarket is giving a £2,000 cost of living bonus to staff earning below £55,000.

The company has recorded a growth in sales of a fifth to £193.2m.

Emery's Timber and Builders Merchants

It's not just larger businesses offering out pay increases to its staff.

James Hipkins, boss of Emery's Timber and Builders Merchants in Stoke-on-Trent, dished out a £750 bonus to his 60 staff earlier this year.

He said he wanted to "share back" after a successful period of business for the company.

Every member of staff was given the same £750 bonus.

Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey, one of the UK's biggest home construction companies, has announced its employees will receive up to £1,000 to help with rising energy bills.

Employees on salaries up to £70,000 will be eligible for the free cash, meaning 90% of its workforce is eligible.

Weekly paid staff will benefit from the cost of living pay outs and will receive the full amount.

Staff will see the cash land in their bank accounts through instalments between September and February.

Barratt Developments

Barratt Developments, a rival of Taylor Wimpey, announced staff below senior management level would benefit from a £1,000 bonus. Over 6,000 staff members will receive the payment.

The company had previously given staff a 5% pay rise from July to April 1 to help with rising prices.


Santander announced in July that 11,000 UK employees would receive a 4% pay rise due to the cost of living crisis and inflation according to Reuters.

Employees earning under £35,000 would be eligible for the pay rise covering 60% of their work force.

Santander also announced that their entry level salary would increase to £19,500.


PwC announced its most significant pay rise in a decade in June.

The accountancy firm confirmed that 70% of its employees would receive at least a 7% increase. For a lucky, 50% their wages would rise by 9% or more.

The company's employees pay has increased in line with inflation which was 9.1% by May.

PwC has also increased their entry level salaries as well as taking on 2,000 school leavers and graduates. Their graduates working in London will have a starting salary of £33,500.

The company is investing £120 million towards the pay increases as well as an extra £138 million in bonuses.

Co-operative Bank

Staff members at the bank who earn up to £80k per year will get a £1,000 base salary increase from September.

It comes after the bank made a one-off payment of £300 to staff earning up to £30,000 earlier this year.

The salary increase from next month will be permanent though.

And in April, millions of workers got a £1,000 a year pay rise after the National Living Wage was increased from £8.91 to £9.50 an hour.


The bank will give 4,500 staff earning £35,000 or less a £1,000 bonus, it announced last month.

That's regardless or whether they work full or part-time.

The payment will be made in two stages, with £500 in October and the other £500 next February.

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This represents a £1,000 annual salary increase for an employee working a 35-hour week.

The National Living Wage is paid to workers over 23 years old.

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