Adorable pictures of proud dog parents posing with their puppies

Utterly a-PAW-able! Owners share heartwarming snaps of proud dogs posing with their puppies – including a corgi with a litter of 15

  • People have shared heart-warming snaps of proud dog parents with their pups
  • One photogenic Pomeranian gave camera wink as posed with her two puppies
  • A proud Corgi mother stood front and centre with her litter of 15 pups

There is nothing like a litter of puppies to brighten up your day – and these proud owners know it. 

People from around the world have shared snaps of their dogs posing with their puppies, from a pair of tiny Pomeranians to a 15-strong litter of corgis.

The best examples were collated in a gallery by Bored Panda, including a golden retriever lying on the floor with her playful pup.   

In another, a fierce Husky watches over her pack, who was all napping in a hammock.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most adorable examples…   

A dog looks on eagerly at her new puppy moments after giving birth in a home in the US 

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This Golden Retriever mum keeps her pup company as she takes a break from her guide dog training

In Brazil, a Pomeranian mother-of-two who knew how to work the camera gave her best wink as she posed with her pups

This fierce Husky watches over her litter of adorable puppies as they snooze in a hammock

Still the queen B! This very proud Corgi mum poses with her impressive litter of 15 puppies

Snouts of love! This dachshund mother and her mother were equally adorable in this cute picture

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! These Corgi pups are learning from their mum and copying her sleeping pose 

Bonding time! This adorable British puppy looks tiny now, but they’ll soon grow to be as big as their mum

This husky mum was caught sharing a tender snuggle with one of her eight puppies in this adorable snap 

People joked this Golden Retriever mum from North Carolina had given birth to calves rather than puppies after her babies turned out black and white 

A foster Labrador from New York surprised her owner with a litter of pups with one available in every colour

Family day at the park! In Saint Petersburg, this Collie mum enjoys some quiet time on the grass as her pups take a nap

This proud bulldog mum can’t hide her joy as she beams poses with her litter of grey and black pups

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