A TikTok User Made a Harry Styles x Britney Spears Song Mashup and It's a Freakin' Bop

Sometimes you just want to listen to a bunch of nostalgic 2000s hits, and other times you want to revel in the beauty of Harry Styles’s masterpiece Fine Line for the 50th time. In either case, YouTuber Adam Wright’s (aka Adamusic) song mashup of Britney Spears’s “. . . Baby One More Time” and Styles’s “Adore You,” uploaded on Sept. 24, is here to satisfy your musical cravings.

Somewhere between the lines “strawberry lipstick state of mind” and “I must confess I still believe,” the mashup perfectly blends together the heartache and romance of “Adore You” and the upbeat dance rhythm of Spears’s “. . . Baby One More Time.” As someone who loves both of these songs individually, I have to say I’ve never wanted a Britney Spears x Harry Styles collab more than I do now. Listen to the full mashup here, and check out Harry Styles’s best music videos if you’re in the mood to keep the “Adore You” party going afterward.

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