A Completely Clear Puzzle Exists, And It’ll Truly Test Your Skills

Whether you consider yourself a pro puzzler or enjoy relatively simple puzzles to pass the time, it’s likely the puzzles you engage with form some sort of image–the picturesque Cinque Terre in Italy or your favorite scene from Harry Potter–once they’re complete. If you’re tired of your usual picks, here’s a new challenge for you: Try a clear puzzle that forms no image whatsoever. That’s right, clear puzzles exist and they’ll truly put your skills to the test.

Clear Jigsaw Puzzle$16.99PRE-ORDER

The LittleFlowerPotShop is currently selling four clear puzzles on Etsy that range from easy to crazy in difficulty. The options include 9-piece, 25-piece, 49-piece, and 144-piece puzzles. Each puzzle piece is made of clear acrylic sheeting. There’s literally no indication of which side of each puzzle piece is up, so you’ll really have to come up with a game plan to figure it out. You can buy the easy, 9-piece puzzle for $16.99 right now. If you want to try out the others, you can pre-order them for when they’re back in stock. If you really want to work your way up to the crazy 144-piece puzzle, there’s an option to buy them all (which you also have to pre-order).

If you’re dying to try the 144-piece clear puzzle, try out 3D puzzles or a geode puzzle to mix it up in the meantime.

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