6 Best Garden & Balcony Privacy Screens | The Sun UK

IT’S not easy to create a sense of privacy in an urban garden, especially when you live in a city, and it can be hard to relax when you feel like someone’s watching you.

When garden borders and balconies can only be so high, putting one of the best outdoor privacy screens around your patio or seating area can help to create a sense of seclusion without upsetting anyone.

As well as offering more privacy, an outdoor screen can also protect your space from the wind and the sun, so you’ll be able to use it more often.

Screening can also help to improve your own outlook when you’re using your outdoor seating space, blocking off unattractive views, knackered walls or fencing or simply adding a bit of greenery to soften hard landscaping.

Whether you’re the owner of a windswept balcony or an exposed hot tub, there are privacy screens out there to solve all sorts of issues…

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