5 Richest Self Made Female K-Pop Idols, 2021

These five female K-pop Idols are the most successful and richest self-made millionaires in the entertainment scene of South Korea in 2021. In order to become a singer or an idol in South Korea, a person has to undergo rigorous training, which can take up to years of hard work. These ladies have gone above and beyond to make it and pursue their dream of becoming the next big thing. The spotlight may seem dazzling and magical, but the journey to it is not something everyone can take because it is a very competitive industry. The lists below are the female idols who are multitalented artists that made it big and have millions of earnings already.

5 Bae Suzy

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With a net worth of $25 million, Bae Suzy takes the fifth spot on our list. Born as Bae Su-ji on October 10, 1994, this 27-year-old idol turned actress has completely won the hearts of South Korea’s population. This extremely talented lady has gone from being a KPOP Idol to one of the most sought-after leading ladies in the Korean Entertainment industry and is currently known as Nation’s First Love in South Korea. She debuted as the youngest member of a girl group named Miss A that later on disbanded due to members leaving the company.

Though the group has a lot of potential to become the biggest girl group in the country, Bae Suzy has gained her popularity in acting and different endorsements. She’s had quite a journey from being tagged as the C.F. Queen with endorsements left and right that includes big brands like Guess and Lancome to becoming an in-demand actress. At 27, she has led numerous successful K-dramas and has made her a household name in South Korea. Her last drama was Netflix’s Start-up co-starring with Nam Joo Hyuk, which was aired late last year.

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4 BoA

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Tied up with Bae Suzy in the fifth spot, BoA also has a net worth of $25 million. Born as Kwon Bo-ah on November 5, 1986, the 34-year-old Kpop Idol was dubbed as the Legendary Queen of Kpop who made a name in the music industry of South Korea and Japan. She started her career early; at the young age of 11, she has joined a Korean entertainment company called S.M. Entertainment, and with only completing two years of training, she debuted as a solo artist at age 13.

Debuting in the year 2000, she currently has released twenty studio albums that include nine Japanese albums, ten Korean albums, and one English album. She has since appeared in different South Korean shows and has acted in different Korean dramas, even debuting in the Hollywood scene starring in a movie called Make Your Move 3D co-starring Derek Hough.

3 Dara

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With a $30 million net worth, Dara takes our third spot on the list. Born as Sandara Park on November 12, 1984, the 36-year-old celebrity is famous as a South Korean singer, actress, and T.V. host. She initially had a successful stint in the Philippines after winning as a runner-up in a talent show called Star Circle Quest in 2004; however, she went back to South Korea in 2007 to further pursue her dreams of becoming a famous KPOP Idol. Dara had undergone two years of training to become a KPOP Idol under the company Y.G. Entertainment where she claimed that it was a very short training period compared to others who even had to train for as long as eight years.

The rigorous training includes singing, dancing, and acting sessions. She debuted in group 2ne1 with Bom, CL, and Minzy, however after just seven years of reign in the entertainment world, the group was disbanded in 2016. Life in the South Korean entertainment world continued for Dara as she landed roles in films and dramas that included One Step, Cheese in the Trap, and Bcuz of U. She made tons of wealth through her big endorsements, including contracts with Etude House, Clio, Head and Shoulders, Nikon and many more. She is currently the main host in season three of the Korean Show, Celebeauty.

2 Lee Hyori

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The second spot on the list is Lee Hyori, with an estimated net worth of US$30-40 Million of wealth. Born as Lee Hyo-ri on May 10, 1979, the 42-year-old artist is the most successful member of her former group called Fin. K.L. She was named the “Nation’s Fairy” because of her innocent and beautiful face. She initially debuted as a Leader in the girl group Fin. K.L. with Ock Joo-Hyun, Lee Jin, and Sung Yu-ri under DSP Media in 1998; however, she went on to pursue a solo career in 2003 and has since released numerous albums as a solo artist. She has had multiple hits as a solo artist and won numerous Daesang Awards, which is the highest award that an artist can receive in South Korea. She has released five solo albums, and four of those albums peaked on #1 on the charts upon the release.

1 IU

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I.U. takes the first spot with an estimated net worth of $45 million. Born as Lee Ji-Eun on May 16, 1993, I.U. is a famous Singer-songwriter and a talented actress. Not only did I.U. has an angelic voice she also had great acting skills that were made her a multitalented artist. Her wealth was made through the songs she wrote personally, and she has received millions of royalties from it. She signed as a trainee with Entertainment Company Kakao M in 2007 and debuted the next year at the age of fifteen with her first album called Lost and Found.

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