16 Questionable '00s Trends That Have, Unfortunately, Returned

Time travel may not be a thing yet, but when it comes to fashion, it's starting feel like we're stuck somewhere around the year 2004. Over the past few months, a ton of old '00s trends have resurfaced, ranging from cute (such as Kendall Jenner's Louis Vuitton bag) to questionable (OK, who decided to bring back the bubble skirt?!).

Perhaps it's because not everyone was old enough to enjoy — and later, heavily regret — these unflattering or just plain strange styles. Or maybe we're nostalgic for simpler times, when our main source of outfit inspiration were shows like Lizzie McGuire or Laguna Beach. Whatever the case, there are a whole lot of layering tricks and random accessories that have come back into our lives, and we're not sure we're totally on board with all of them (did we mention the bubble skirt?!).

Here's a quick refresher on what was resurrected in 2019.

Bubble Skirts

2000s Trends

Clearly, we have a lot of feelings about this one because we're unsure who, exactly, this skirt style flatters. Extra poofy material that kind of looks like a spare pillowcase hanging around your legs? Err…we're inclined to pass.

Capri Pants

2000s Trends

It's not that we're totally against this trend — it was the natural progression after biker shorts, and pretty perfect for in-between temperatures. However, it gives us flashbacks to our awkward years, when our hair was full of butterfly clips and we wore bold-colored capris with shiny, sequined shirts.

Random Ties

2000s Trends

Once upon a time, Avril Lavigne inspired thousands of people to style ties with tank tops and T-shirts, rather than knotting them around their collars. These days, they're being worn more like a scarf, and while it's just as confusing, Celine Dion is clearly on board.

Tube Tops

2000s Trends

Should we break out a boho skirt, chain belt, or low-rise jeans to complete this look? Welcome back, days of tugging and adjusting, hoping you don't accidentally flash someone each time you move your arm too fast. 

Strapless Satin Dresses

2000s Trends

There's no doubt Selena Gomez looked great in this neon Versace version at the American Music Awards. We're just worried that the next step is very Cady Heron at her house party in Mean Girls, and we're not exactly thrilled about that look.

Dresses Over Jeans

2000s Trends

Fashion tricks that allow you to achieve the best of both worlds? Amazing. But this one is a weird mix, not to mention a lot of excess fabric.

Mesh Material

2000s Trends

When worn as a naked dress, this trend can be sexy. But the second someone decides to layer a mesh top under their graphic T-shirt and stack on some bangle bracelets, we're outta here. 

Halter Tops

2000s Trends

Halter tops were one of the aughts' top shirt styles, and while they definitely have an elegant vibe to them, we vividly remember how much of a struggle it was to find a bra that wouldn't peek out from underneath.

Cargo Pants

2000s Trends

So. Many. Pockets. Not only are they bulky, you'll never, ever use them.

Lace-Up Details

2000s Trends

With lace-up clothing comes the inevitable struggle of what to do with that string. Case in point: Vanessa Hudgens's reached all the way down to her thigh.

North Face Puffers

2000s Trends

We won't fault people for wanting to stay warm this winter — and North Face knows what it's doing in that area — but we draw the line when it comes to making this coat a key part of our outfit. It's not exactly something you can dress up, and we're still unsure why Tara Reid wore hers on the red carpet.

Mid-Section Belts

2000s Trends

Repeat after us: T-shirts don't need a belt. Button-downs don't need a belt. Tank tops don't need a belt. Some things simply don't need to be cinched, and we promise, tucking in your shirt will produce similar, more flattering results.

Button-Up Vests

2000s Trends

Yes, that's Brie Larson. Yes, she's wearing a vest over a T-shirt. No, it doesn't give the look a fancy, professional twist. Yes, we're OK to skip this comeback. (Even though Marsai Martin did make a convincing case with how her leather option balanced out those mixed prints.)

Crochet Clothing

2000s Trends

We're not going to lie — both Beyoncé and Isabela Merced look very cute in these crochet crop tops. But after crochet crop tops come crochet hats, crochet off-the-shoulder sweaters, crochet dusters, etc. We're already stressing about all the potential pulls and random holes we'll find in our clothing in the near future.


2000s Trends

It was the original Snuggie, only it was completely acceptable to wear it in public.

On second thought, if the over-the-head poncho is ready to make a comeback, our comfy-cozy selves are 100 percent down to try it.


2000s Trends

Between the clack-clack-clacking sound, the ability to pick up all the dirt wherever you go, and the overall risk of losing a shoe, we're happy to exclusively wear these shoes around large bodies of water, public showers, and during a pedicure.

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