11 Most Bizarre Elon Musk Tweets

Elon Musk’s Twitter is the stuff of legends, but even legends trip now and then. The Tesla CEO has used the social platform to shock and seemingly troll those following along and, in some cases, it’s even gotten him into hot water.

Between litigation from annoyed investors to spooked stock market analysts, the words that Elon has chosen to say have made an impact across the board. To say they’re controversial would, at times, be an understatement.

Here are some of the billionaire’s most famous (or infamous?) Twitter quips of all time.

11 My Twitter is pretty much complete nonsense at this point

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Don’t say he didn’t warn you. If one thing is true for Elon Musk, it’s that he has a propensity for unabridged honesty. This one Tweet may have been his most soul-baring yet and those who are up in arms over what he says need only journey back to April of 2019 to hear his disclaimer.

10 Tesla stock price is too high imo

This one is like the Seinfeld episode where Jason Alexander’s George Constanza character does the opposite of his intuition. For a CEO to openly say that his company is valued too high feels like a case of reverse psychology. Did he do it for that reason? Was the point to drive the price higher? Did it work?

No. No, it did not.

The best response comes from an account by the name of “Elvis” who simply said: “Dude…I just lost $10k because of this tweet. Wtf is wrong with u”

9 The coronavirus panic is dumb

Simple. To the point. Easy to digest. No reasons. Just a statement on the panic surrounding the COVID virus. This Tweet was sent out about a week before the dumb panic turned into a global pandemic and we spent the next year eating outside while covering our breathing holes.

8 Will own no house.

No one really understood this one, but it was fun to read. Today, Elon lives in a house, so it makes it even more of a confusing one. It also lends credence to the thought that the billionaire uses his Twitter for personal entertainment as a Tweet like this one feels like it was made by a smirking billionaire stoking the flames of his followers.

7 You’ve been warned

It’s not every day that a corporate icon implies that he’s ready to storm a secret government base in search of aliens, but apparently September 20, 2019 wasn’t a normal day.

6 Why is there no emoji for dignity!!

We’ve all struggled with emoji usage. Perhaps you want to tell someone you are annoyed, hurt, or hungry. Emotions can be easier to handle through the little yellow smiley face.

However, abstract characteristics like “dignity” are rarely represented through a tiny image. That’s what makes it all even more perplexing. Not only is he in search of an emoji for a word that most would assume doesn’t have one, but his double exclamation point seems to imply a level of anger that seems a bit monumental.

There’s no emoji for monumental either.

5 Nuke Mars!

This guy is building a spaceship. Think about that for a second.

If a famous sailor was Tweeting “Nuke the Marianas Trench”, we’d all be like, “Hey, Popeye. Maybe your intentions are a bit askew.”

4 ET phone home. No answer

Maybe he lived on Mars and you nuked it?

3 Turns out there’s more ways to use Autopilot than we imagined

Automatic piloting seems pretty straight forward. It means a vehicle or vessel drives itself. In some cases, it can refer to our own personal non-involvement in steering something along. For Musk, there appears to be a new use of this feature.

Apparently, this Tweet was a reference to an earlier posting that most don’t understand. As is the case with someone like Elon’s stature, it brought out a host of confused responses intermixed with those in-the-know to mock the ones who don’t. Turns out there’s more ways to use Twitter than we imagined.

2 the color orange is named after the fruit

Which fruit? The banana, of course.

1 Tesla is going to develop a quiet, electric leafblower

The best part about this Tweet is that Elon is responding to his own joke with a follow-up joke. Also, you can imagine him chuckling along as he wrote them out. While many investors might be pulling their collective hair out over his inability to self-censor before publishing on social media, you can’t deny that he’s having fun. If billions of dollars can’t buy you the right to smile. What can it buy?

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