10 Ways Christina Aguilera Earns And Spends Her Millions

After receiving a musical start with Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club, Christina Aguilera became a professional singer, signing a record deal in 1999 that launched her career. Her self-titled debut album became the talk of the town, and the star climbed the top spot on the Billboard charts with her stellar pop music. Aguilera began winning accolades since her first album, and her career continues to rise in the music industry. Along with working on her music, she has also acted in movies, judged reality shows, and endorsed popular brands that have made her a household name.

What began as a Grammy-winning artist’s music career has now blossomed into different fields from business to helping new artists on reality shows. The singer is known to spend her fortune showering herself with lavish luxuries and taking a break with expensive vacations.

10 Earns: Music Career

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Christina Aguilera rose to stardom as soon as she debuted her single Genie In The Bottle in 1999. Hailed as one of the most successful pop stars, she has sold over 75 million album units throughout her career, as noted by Screen Rant. Her debut album sold 14 million copies while other notable singles include Stripped in 2002, sold $10 million copies, and Back To Basics in 2006 sold $5 million copies.

9 Spends: Real Estate

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Christina Aguilera loves to purchase luxury homes that increase the value of her real estate portfolio. In 2007, she purchased a six-bedroom, nine-bathroom Mediterranean-style home in Beverly Hills for $11.5 million, as stated by Los Angeles Times. Her other notable home is a $10 million Hollywood Hills mansion that features spacious rooms and offers scenic views of LA.

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8 Earns: Tours and Residencies

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A show-stopping artist who brings glamor to the stage, fans eagerly wait for Christina Aguilera to set out on tours and take long residencies in Las Vegas. One of her most notable tours was the Back To Basics tour that ran for two years between 2006 and 2008, and the artist made $48.1 million in sales. In May 2019, Aguilera began her Las Vegas Residency titled The Xperience at the Zappos Theater, making $10 million between May 2019 and March 2020.

7 Spends: Car Collection

Aguilera has several luxury cars in her collection, a quirky yet cool popstar, including a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari California T, Range Rover Sport, Ford Mustang GT, and Lincoln Town Car. She also owns a custom Rolls Royce Phantom that costs upwards of $450,000 and a $202,500 Bentley Continental GT.

6 Earns: Acting Career

While pursuing her career as a professional singer, Aguilera has experimented in movies and voice acting. In 2010, she starred in a romantic musical movie Burlesque opposite Cher and Cam Gigandet. Aguilera played the lead Ali, who left her job as a waitress to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. The movie was made on a $55 million budget and earned $90.6 million at the box office. She has also lent her voice in the 2017 comedy animated film, The Emoji Movie.

5 Spends: Expensive Jewelry

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Christina Aguilera has always been under media attention for her outfits as a public figure. As a judge on a singing show and attending award functions, Aguilera is always at the top of her game. She is spotted wearing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry by notable designers such as Chris Habana, Stephen Webster, and Dionea Orcini.

4 Earns: Singing Show Judge

One of the original coaches on the American version of The Voice, Christina Aguilera, was the coach on the show for six seasons out of fifteen. As mentioned by Cheat Sheet, the singer was paid $17 million per season, one of the highest salaries paid to any coach, and her team won in the tenth season with Alisan Porter at the helm.

3 Spends: Family Vacations

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Christina Aguilera enjoys taking family trips with her children and partner. She has taken her children to Disneyland and a camping trip in Los Angles in an airstream trailer in 2020. She also likes to travel on romantic dates to Miami and Mexico with her partner during the summer.

2 Earns: Brand Endorsements And Ventures

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Over the years, Christina Aguilera has made millions through her brand endorsements for famous companies. She actively advertises for Skechers, MAC Cosmetics, and Pepsi brands. Aguilera has always been a keen businesswoman and launched her perfume line in 2004 with the perfume Expose, which became the top perfume in the UK and Germany. Her product is sold under Proctor & Gamble, and she has launched over 19 different products in the line.

1 Spends: Philanthropy

Christina Aguilera has been a strong advocate in her pursuit to end World Hunger. She has taken social media to actively remind people to donate and support various charities to raise money. According to the Borgen Project, Aguilera has raised over $37 million for hunger relief efforts to help 130 countries.

Christina Aguilera is a superstar with a big heart, from buying luxury properties and cars to spending money on social causes that can change the world. After taking a hiatus from releasing an album, she is set to launch a Spanish language album titled La Fuerza in 2022, 21 years since she released the last one.

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