10 Best Santa Sacks 2020 | The Sun UK

WHEN you're a child, nothing beats the excitement of awaiting Santa Claus' arrival on Christmas Eve, obviously after you've left out mince pies and a carrot for Rudolphe.

On Christmas morning, kids rush to see that Santa Claus has filled their sacks with pressies. The best Christmas sacks last through all those magical years of childhood.

Santa Claus' history dates back as early as the 3rd century when Saint Nichols was the patron saint of children, and he's since developed into the traditional figure we all loved believing in.

Whether you're looking for some chic sacks to enhance your Christmassy decor, or want one that looks like it's been sent from the North Pole, there are loads of Santa sacks online.

If St Nicholas is extra generous then you might need an extra large sack, and there are loads of best-selling personalised styles to treasure as a lovely keepsake.

Whatever aesthetic you're after, we've found the 10 best Santa sacks to shop now. Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas.

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