Whoa! Watch Nancy Grace GO OFF In Defense Of Britney Spears!

We rarely find ourselves agreeing with Nancy Grace, but her take on the ongoing Britney Spears drama is pretty spot on!

During Wednesday’s edition of her Fox Nation show, the journalist actually came to the pop superstar’s defense while discussing the recently resurfaced 2008 court docs filed by her father Jamie Spears, in which he claimed the singer had dementia.

When another reporter called Brit “crazy,” Nancy was quick to call her colleague out, telling the reporter:

“As I recall, you’re a journalist not a medical doctor. Much less a psychologist or psychiatrist.”


The controversial commentator continued:

“I don’t think she went crazy. I think she went through a very bad spot and she got connected with a lot of really bad players that were trying to use her in her life.”

The other reporter tried to defend her claims by stating that the Toxic singer would call retail stores at 4:00am to open their stores so she could go shopping. However, NG dismissed that sexist logic, noting that Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley would do the same thing but were considered “eccentric” rather than “crazy.”

Thoughts? Ch-ch-check out the clip (below) to hear Nancy go off!

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