Who is Drake’s ex? Sophie Brussaux’s life with their son Adonis

When Drake stopped ‘hiding the world from his kid’ and confirmed he had secretly become a father, fans wanted to know what his son looked like but, perhaps more importantly, who was the child’s mother? 

After all, fans assumed Drake – one of rap’s most eligible bachelors – was single following his on/off romance with Rihanna so a surprise baby was, well, definitely a surprise. 

The identity of the mystery ‘baby mother’ was later revealed to be former adult film star Sophie Brussaux after Pusha T spilled all the tea during his feud with Drake. 

It’s been almost two years since the big reveal and Drake has finally shared the first photos of Adonis. Frankly, we’re not sure why he was ‘hiding the world from the kid’ and vice versa because the toddler is absolutely adorable. 

With golden blonde curls and big blue eyes, it seems little Adonis takes right after Drizzy’s beloved mother Sandi. 

In the cute photos, Drake and Sophie put on a united front and posed together with little Adonis in the middle. 

It’s only the second time the pair have ever been pictured together and those unfamiliar with the dynamic are probably wondering how Drake and Sophie met – and where their relationship went wrong… 

Who is Sophie Brussaux and where does she live? 

Sophie is widely reported to be a former porn star who used the stage name Rosee Divine but is now a painter. 

She grew up in France and reportedly lives in Paris with Adonis despite Drake typically residing in his native Toronto, Canada. The 33-year-old rapper also has a property in California and splits his time between the two.

So naturally, seeing Adonis isn’t as simple as a short car ride although Drake does of course have access to private jets and first-class flights. 

In 2018, a source revealed that Drake was trying to see Adonis as much as possible while on tour around Europe and was even considering bringing the youngster on the road with him. 

While the distance is clearly difficult, Drake can rest assured that Sophie has created a sweet little life for Adonis in France. 

Leaving her career as an adult film star behind, Sophie is now a painter and her Instagram features portraits of the likes of Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Barack Obama and Emma Watson. 

According to her website, Sophie ‘combines her fascination for cultural and social paradigms with a love of colourful pop-art and symbolism’. 

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La chevelure du lion.

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She regularly makes appearances as a guest speaker at art events and even met the Pope in November when she presented one of her paintings of him. 

How did Drake meet Sophie Brussaux? 

Drake, real name Aubrey Graham, stopped off in Amsterdam while on his Boy Meets World Tour and was pictured enjoying a cosy dinner date with Sophie at a Japanese restaurant. 

The pair seemed to be getting on well and Sophie was seen affectionately touching Drake’s arm at one point, while also laughing during their conversation. 

A group of friends were seen joining them for dinner but it’s clear, Drake only had eyes for Sophie that night. 

How long did Drake and Sophie date? 


The short answer is not very long. Drake has previously admitted their romance was a whirlwind affair and they only slept together a couple of times. 

On the track March 14, Drake raps: ‘Sandi used to tell me all it takes is one time, And all it took was one time / S**t, we only met two times, two times, And both times were nothin’ like the new times.’ 

When was Drake’s son Adonis born? 

Somehow, the world’s most famous rapper managed to keep it quiet that his son was born. 

It appears Adonis arrived on 12 October 2017 as Drake celebrated the tot’s second birthday on that date last year with an Instagram post of the party decorations. 

While Drake is a proud father now, he recently confessed to having doubts that he was the dad and took a DNA test to prove it. 

Speaking to Rap Radar, the God’s Plan rapper explained: ‘To be honest with you, I did a DNA test for my son and it came back to us and it said the DNA test got ruined in transit and they couldn’t be 100 percent sure that that was my son or not. 

‘So, I was in a really weird pending situation where I didn’t want to go tell the world that that was my son and it wasn’t.’ 

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