Wayne Rooney trying to lose 3st after piling on pounds during Wagatha trial

Former England legend Wayne Rooney is reportedly on a health kick after piling on the pounds through late night video gaming sessions.

His long-term wife Coleen has detailed how she was needed to make a quick dash to M&S during her famous Wagatha Christie trial as her husband had no suits that fit him.

The mum-of-four Coleen, 37, who shares the kids with husband Wayne shared in an interview with British Vogue that there was quite the fashion emergency before the trial.

In the interview, Coleen said: "It was the day before we were going to London and I was like, 'Where are all your suits?' He was like, 'They don't fit me.' So I'm like, 'S***!' It had to be a quick fix in Marks & Spencer."

After this episode, Wayne has apparently been on a bit of a health kick to stop this from happening again.

A source told The Mirror : "Wayne likes to game late into the night and has got into the habit of snacking on pizza and high-carb stuff while he does it. That has taken its toll on his waistline and now he's heavier than he'd really like to be.

"So he's trying to cut down on the late grazing and is trying to get on top of his weight gain by eating healthier dinners – lots of salmon, chicken and broccoli. He's naturally a pizza, pasta and pies kind of guy and is no great lover of salad but he's doing his best because he does want to slim down."

In her bombshell interview with Vogue to promote a new documentary about the famous trial between her and Rebekah Vardy, Coleen did claim that although Wayne was supportive the trial did impact them.

She said: "He was supportive, you know, but it took its toll. He kept saying, ‘Don’t worry, you’ll be fine’. But there were certain moments where we did have disagreements."

Coleen also touched on the famous accessory which she was seen going into the court with each day.

The black leather Fendi tote which retails for around £2,400 was a key part of Coleen's daily wardrobe which Wayne seemed to carry into the courthouse each day.

As it contained all her files, Coleen said Wayne carrying the bag must have become a superstition as they kept to the ritual throughout the entirety of the trial which she later came out on top of.

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