Video Shows Start of Iraqi Wedding Fire, Killing Over 100 People

New video from inside the horrific fire at a wedding in Iraq shows how quickly the flames spread in only seconds before over 100 people were killed.

The clips show the happy couple dancing inside the Al Haithem wedding hall near the village of Qaraqosh also known as Al-Hamdaniya Tuesday night. A series of sparklers goes off around them, starting the blaze and sending guests into a panic.

Flowers hanging from a massive truss above the couple seem to act as fuel to the flames, going up almost immediately as embers fall to the ground.

After most had evacuated the main room, huge beams — completely on fire — crashed to the ground. Footage after the fatal incident shows the intense destruction caused to the building.

The bride and groom reportedly made it out alive, but Reuters says 113 people have been confirmed dead, and another 150 suffered injuries. Iraq’s Interior Ministry has allegedly issued arrest warrants for the owners of the wedding hall, with 1 already in cuffs as of Thursday.

Survivors from the wedding fire claim the place wasn’t equipped for a disaster like this … and one woman told the outlet, “This was not a wedding. This was hell,” while crying and hitting herself after losing her 27-year-old daughter and 3 grandkids in the fire — one of whom was just 8 months old.

Grieving family members held a massive gathering outside a morgue in the nearby city of Mosul, crying out in pain.

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