UFO Report Finds No Evidence of Alien Spacecraft, But Doesn't Solve the Mystery

The U.S. government is set to release an unclassified report on UFOs for the first time ever, and while intelligence officials reportedly found no evidence these mysterious, unexplained flying objects are alien spacecraft … it doesn’t discount it either.

According to reports … the upcoming UFO report — expected to be delivered to Congress sometime before June 25 — doesn’t completely rule out the possibility that UFOs encountered by Navy pilots in recent years are aliens … it’s just that there’s no solid proof.

Instead, the report is expected to confirm that these objects are NOT top-secret American technology … but could potentially be experimental or hypersonic aircraft of other countries that we have some issues with — like Russia and China.

Here’s the problem … Navy pilots have seen objects in the air do things that defy any technology known to man. For example, there are images on radar showing spherical objects that have no wings, no engines, no emissions, and they operate in ways that defy physics and gravity.

Navy pilots saw an object at 80,000 feet careen to 20,000 feet in a second-and-a-half. Some of these objects appear to submerge in the ocean, yet submarines found no traces of debris.

Pressure has been mounting for more transparency from the U.S. government about UFOs ever since the Pentagon confirmed the existence of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) back in April.

This has led politicians like Sen. Martin Heinrich and Sen. Marco Rubio to call for more investigating, with Rubio going as far as to say UFOs pose a risk to our national security.

The upcoming report seems like a starting point, but according to outlets like the NY Times … there’s still no explanation from intelligence officials on how these UFOs are able to accelerate and maneuver like they do.

One thing’s for certain, though … we’re not all crazy.

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