Tyler C.’s Tweet About Matt James Kissing On ‘The Bachelor’ Demands Answers

Before Matt James was the reason you now find yourself drooling at your TV every Monday night, he was known to Bachelor Nation as Tyler Cameron’s BFF. The Bachelorette contestant introduced the world to Matt, and fans were instantly enamored. So much so that Matt landed himself the lead role of Season 25 despite never being on the show before. And while both pals’ clouts have definitely risen over the past few years, one thing remains the same: They still banter just like besties. Tyler C.’s tweet about Matt James kissing on The Bachelor hilariously addresses Matt’s… technique.

Heading into Season 25 of The Bachelor, a couple of things were different right off the bat: The location wasn’t the usual mansion and the lead, Matt James, had never actually been on the show before. Usually, the Bachelor or Bachelorette was a previous contestant, but Matt’s the exception.

As the first Black Bachelor, fans were thrilled to get to know Matt, and after a few weeks of seeing his abs and discovering how kind he is, it’s obvious he was the right choice. Still, the fact that he’s never dated anyone on-screen was definitely something he needed to get over, and fast, since he was going to be dating 32 women at one.

While he might have been nervous heading into filming, it looks like he’s hit his stride. Not only has he had a rose ceremony, handed out his first impression rose, and given out his first group date rose, but he’s already dishing out makeouts as well (much to the envy of everyone watching at home. Remember making out with new people?!). And if you managed to stop seeing red any time a new person kissed Matt, you might have noticed something interesting about the way he locked lips. Even if you didn’t spot it, Tyler sure did. “Ayyyyoooo @mattjames919 what we got going on over here,” Tyler asked in a tweet on Jan. 11.

From the looks of it, when Matt went in to kiss his Jan. 11 group date rose recipient, Lauren, he didn’t close his eyes for the smooch. While this could have been due to nerves (I’m sure making out in front of a whole bunch of producers isn’t the most natural thing), Matt said it was “for protection.” In a retweet on Jan. 11, he explained: “Gotta make sure no one sneaking up on us! When your eyes are closed.. ANYTHING can happen! It’s for both of our protection.”

Considering contestants tend to pop up out of nowhere to get some time with the lead — as well as a little screen time, — he’s probably not too off-base. If the season continues to be as dramatic as the first few episodes were, I have a feeling he’ll be kissing with his eyes open until the Final Rose.

Season 25 of The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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