Tory Lanez Blasts ‘LHH: Atlanta’ Star Shekinah for Her Looting Comments

Later, Shekinah and the Canadian rapper talk the matter out in a joint Instagram Live session in which the VH1 personality clarifies that she’s not crying over Gucci stores.

AceShowbizTory Lanez and Shekinah were feuding on social media after the former took a aim at the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast member for her comments about the protests happening across the United States. Shekinah tearfully begged people to stop tearing up businesses with violent protesters.

Catching wind of the remarks, Tory took to his Twitter account to shade Shekinah. “WITH ALL THE THINGS GOING ON …. IM SEEING THIS LADY CRYING OVER THE GUCCI STORE BEING BROKEN INTO ?!!?? THE F*CKING GUCCI STORE SHORTY ??!?!??” so the rapper cryptically wrote to his followers.

He added in another post, “When my rich celeb friends in they house and on the gram like ‘stop looting u f***ing up out business’ …. Y’all can miss me with that s**t… y’all n***as is rich ! Y’all not feeling the pain of these people out there that done lost they job and are deeply affected by this.”

“I been living in America the last 8 years of my life and spent my entire childhood here…. and I saw that doc…. and it shows there is still a F***ING PROBLEM THAT HASNT BEEN SOLVED in our community,” so he added.

Later, Shekinah and Tory talked the matter out in a joint Instagram Live session. Clarifying her comments, Shekinah said, “We’re not supposed to be seen as wild animals tearing up these people stores! I’m upset!… I respect people standing up…I don’t appreciate you taking s**t on Instagram [about] ‘the girl crying over Gucci.’ I wasn’t crying over Gucci!”

In response to that, Tory said, “If you could bring it down to a level like 3. Let’s not like act like that.” Shekinah then replied, “I don’t appreciate that white man killing us. But I don’t think we’re gonna get anywhere stealing these people’s s**t. F**k Gucci! Let’s make that understood! I don’t even wear that s**t anyway!”

“All I’m telling you is when I got online and saw you crying over the Gucci store,” Tory insisted. Shekinah set the record straight, “They have edits out here. They have edits in the world!”

The two then were involved in screaming match with Shekinah once again making it clear that she wasn’t here for “white officers killing black people.” She later concluded, “I said what I said and I wasn’t worried about no Gucci!”

In another video, Shekinah was seen watching a clip of Tory claiming that he really didn’t know her. That prompted the VH1 personality to furiously yell, “And I don’t know yo b***h a** n***a! He don lost his mind! Y’all some groupies! I don’t give a f**k about none of this s**t. Boy f**k you! Stop beating on women! You a whole black men beating on b***es!”

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