Torrey DeVitto Details The ‘Intense’ Filming Protocols in Place on ‘Chicago Med’

Torrey DeVitto is opening up about the eye opening protocols in place for the new season as they film during a pandemic.

The 36-year-old actress, who portrays Dr. Natalie Manning on Chicago Med, spoke with US Weekly about the new practices in place, which adhere to the new industry standards amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s been really interesting. For everyone in the world right now, it’s a whole new world, but working under these conditions is really interesting because there are so many protocols in place,” Torrey shared about the situation. “It was really mind-blowing for me, how well NBC kind of took control of the situation and how much they’re spending just on keeping us safe alone.”

One of the biggest changes on set is that she and her co-stars come to the set early and are tested five days a week for COVID-19.

Torrey also revealed that they are only permitted to take their masks off when filming.

“We’re only allowed to have our masks off for 10 minutes at a time, so once we take our masks off during shooting, a timer goes off, and we have to do 10 minutes on the dot,” she said. “It’s just very intense.”

“I kind of have to take a moment to remember — and I have to ask [questions] as well because my mind gets so caught up in all these protocols!”

Torrey did add that since she stars on a medical drama, she has been scratching her head about people complaining about wearing a mask at all.

“Here we are being asked first, to just sit on our couch, and then second, to wear a mask in public. It’s like, are you serious? We’re complaining about that?” she says. “You’re being asked to put a piece of cloth over your mouth. It’s mind-blowing for me that some people have an issue with it.”

Chicago Med will return on November 11 on NBC.

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