The Strokes’ Frontman Calls His Electric Bike for Lazy People ‘Future of Communal Travel’

Julian Casablancas has been granted a patent for foldable electric bikes without pedals, which he describes as ‘a lazy man’s thing so you can kind of be transported without spending any energy.’

AceShowbizThe Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas still hopes his idea to make an electric bike for lazy people could shape the future of transportation.

Back in 2014, the star revealed he had been talking to German exercise bike firm FreeCross about a foldable electric bicycle without pedals, a machine he has been granted a patent for.

Although the bike is yet to hit the shops, Casablancas is holding tight to the patent and his plan.

“Electric bikes seem like the future of communal travel to me,” he tells The Guardian, before turning to his bandmate Albert Hammond, Jr. “He rides motorcycles and I think that’s cool, but the truth is that everyone falls off and hurts themselves. If you ride an electric bike and fall off, it’s like running fast; it’s how our bodies are designed.”

Explaining why he got into bike design, the rocker adds: “I just thought it was interesting making something. It’s expensive and time-consuming and the business world is fascinating, because you see the mechanisms of the decision-making process that has led to art, quality and truth being circumvented for, you know, financial ease and sheep-like following of trends.”

When he initially revealed the idea in an interview with Rolling Stone, the “Last Nite” hitmaker said his aim was to provide a bicycle for those who didn’t like putting any effort into exercise.

“This is just a lazy man’s thing so you can kind of be transported without spending any energy,” he said.

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