The Kelly Clarkson Show branded toxic behind the scenes

The Kelly Clarkson Show has come under fire after a staff member claimed it promotes a “bad culture” despite its “positive messaging”.

The fresh accusations come after Clarkson recently burst into tears live on-air during a recent episode of the talk show while listening to one of her guest’s stories.

But despite often featuring displays of emotion by both the host and her guests – who often discuss sensitive topics about their lives – one staffer claimed the show promotes a “bad culture”.

The source claimed: “I was trying to find a new job after already experiencing the toxicity of daytime, and it had the potential to be a fresh new start, but Alex [Duda] and the people who are loyal to her haven’t broken that cycle. 

“You can’t be a leader if you’re going to let all of this bad stuff continue to happen and promote a bad culture.”

The insider told Rolling Stone: “All these daytime shows are supposed to make you feel good and be happy. Kelly [Clarkson] uses a sign-off, ‘Make it a great day, and if it’s not great, changes it,’ but it’s hard to exist and work in a machine that’s pumping out this happy, bubbly, positive messaging [when] you have people here who are just treated badly.” has contacted Kelly’s representative for comment.

Clarkson was recently moved to tears live on-air when guest Henry Winkler gave her daughter River some words of encouragement.

During the show, Clarkson and Winkler discussed the actor’s upcoming children’s book series, Detective Duck.

In the conversation, the American Idol winner praised the author for being such a “successful writer,” after co-writing 38 novels with Lin Oliver.

Clarkson also gave kudos to Winkler for being an inspiration to those who live with learning disabilities, before starting to discuss her daughter River’s dyslexia and letting him know that she uses him as an example to encourage her since he too is dyslexic.

She said: “I find it amazing to tell my daughter that you [have] written like 40 books and you’re dyslexic because she was getting bullied at school for not being able to read like all the other kids.” 

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Clarkson added that her daughter’s school did a presentation on dyslexia and the famous people who had it, which included actors Anthony Mackie, Zachary Levi, and Winkler himself.

She touched on how much the celebrities featured in the presentation at River’s school empowered her daughter not to hide or be ashamed of her learning difficulty.

Winkler then suddenly interrupted Clarkson mid-compliment, asking her daughter’s name so he could personalise his message to her even more.

“River, how you learn has nothing to do with how brilliant you are,” Winkler said, speaking directly to one of the cameras as the audience could be heard cheering in the background.

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