The huge amount of money Ivanka Trump spent on her debate outfit

Ivanka Trump dressed to impress for the first presidential debate on Sept. 29, 2020, and she reportedly dropped a whole lot of money in the process. The businesswoman-turned-senior-presidential advisor showed off her ultra-luxe look while sitting in the audience at the debate, which took place in Cleveland, Ohio. “Ivanka’s debate outfit cost more than Trump paid in taxes,” one person quipped about the ensemble.

As for the outfit Ivanka chose to don as she watched her father, President Donald Trump, spar against Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden? Trump’s oldest daughter stepped out of Air Force One dressed to the nines in an ivory blazer, featuring a tie wrap belt to accentuate her waistline, paired with matching ivory-colored double-creased pants, pieces all designed by Gabriela Hearst, according to the Daily Mail. Along with her high-class suited up look, she also wore pearl drop earrings and carried with her a Chanel handbag. 

Of course, some might be wondering how much this fashion statement actually cost Ivanka. We spill the tea on this price tag after the jump.

Ivanka Trump's debate outfit caused a stir

Ivanka Trump’s high-dollar outfit (pictured above) for her appearance at the first presidential debate in 2020 is causing a media frenzy. So, how much money did she really drop for her sophisticated pantsuit look? Let us break it down for you.

Ivanka’s sculptural blazer, which you can shop here, is worth $3,200, as the Daily Mail noted. The double creased pants that she paired the jacket comes in a bit lower, but still pretty pricey, at a reported $1,300. As for her Chanel quilted white bag, the outlet reported it costs $4,700. This totals close to a whopping $10,000 for the presidential debate outfit. Sheesh, our bank accounts are cringing tallying that up.

It’s fair to say the price tag on Ivanka’s outfit caused a stir at the 2020 debate, as one commenter tweeted, “Nice to see daddy’s tax avoidance isn’t hindering Ivanka’s shopping.” The jab is likely a reference to The New York Times September 2020 expose about President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Someone else said about the price tag, “It’s ok, they will call it a business expense.” Either way, something tells us Ivanka won’t tone it down for the next debate — she does love high fashion, after all.

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