The Crown Season 6, Part 1 trailer: Princess Dianas last chaotic summer

From what I gather, many of you guys will skip The Crown’s final season. I won’t skip it, but I’m leaving myself open to be mad about it. As someone of a certain age, I have to say that The Crown is absolutely getting several things right: the iconography of Princess Diana, the starkness of her final summer, the chaos that surrounded her at every turn in 1997. Netflix released the trailer of Season 6 Part 1:

I said before that the poster of Diana in the turquoise one-piece, sitting on the diving board, gave me chills. I got goosebumps when I saw how The Crown shot it too – from the perspective of the paparazzi trailing the Jonikal that summer. I’m not saying that Peter Morgan did right by Diana by any stretch, but the combination of historical accuracy, amazing art direction and Elizabeth Debicki’s transcendent performance is something else.

I’ve been waiting to see if King Charles throws another tantrum about The Crown this year. I hope he does – he won’t have his mother to hide behind, and 26 years later, I am more convinced than ever that he and the institution had a hand in her death.

Photos courtesy of Netflix/The Crown.

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