Taylor Schilling: When I see Zoom interviews I judge them by their books

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Taylor Schilling was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers. She had such a goofy fun energy and it was fun to watch. She’s promoting her new show on Hulu, Monsterland. It’s a horror anthology and is getting pretty good reviews. I’m going to try to watch it as I love horror and need to prepare for Halloween. Taylor kept laughing and joking about the fancy puffy shirt she was wearing. She also said she judges people’s books in their Zoom backgrounds. Oh and she brought her dog, Tank, on too! That was a highlight definitely. Here’s more of what she said.

She’s sleeping a lot in response to bad news
I’ve become a bit of a narcoleptic person. I’ll fall asleep in different areas, in new places, it’s uncomfortable.

On her choice of a plant for a background
I thought ‘should we do books?’ but every time I see a Zoom interview I judge their entire life by what books are on display. We’re seeing probably 2% of people’s real books. Everybody spends a lot of time thinking about what other people will think of their books. ‘She’s had that since high school.’ That’s what I think about some of these books. ‘You read that in tenth grade, friend.’

On not being able to do full makeup for Monsterland
I [get] panic attacks when there’s silicone on my face. I had to tap out. I was about to put a whole mask on and I laid back in the chair and I started to ask if they could make the nose holes and eye holes bigger and then the visual effects guy is just like ‘I’m going to call this, you need to leave, I’m not going to finish putting makeup on your face.’ I thought that was very charitable. He was able to stand up for me in a way I wasn’t able to stand up for myself. If there was anything I learned from Monsterland it’s that I cannot have silicone over my nose holes or my eyes.

[From Seth Meyers on YouTube]

I took a movie makeup class over Zoom from Austin School of Film. It was the “Last Girl” class and we talked about the final girl horror movie trope where one heroine survives until the end. I loved it so much and would do another movie makeup class any time. I don’t mind putting silicone on my face on an non-essential area, but like Taylor it would freak me out if my nose and eyes were covered at all. That’s understandable. Also I like that she’s into napping as I am a napper too.

As for judging people by their books, I don’t do this unless they’re really obnoxious conservative books. (If you have Ayn Rand displayed, I’m judging you.) I am one of those weird people who doesn’t keep books after I read them though. I know this is sacrilegious to some of you, but I read books on Kindle and give them away when I’m done. I realize this is a whole thing for book collectors though, to curate and display both their favorites and the books they think will impress other people. It’s ramping up during quarantine, which makes me think I should at least improve my Zoom backdrop. Mine is just my office looking kind of empty, but it’s not like I have many books to put back there.

Here’s the first part of the interview. Her dog comes in at 4:30

The second part. Her dog sneezes at 5 minutes in!

Taylor’s dog can say “I love you”!

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She’s so pretty.
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