Stupid ignoramus Eamonn Holmes defends Rylan Clark as he is accused of pulling sickies

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Eamonn Holmes, 62, did not hold back today as he defended Rylan Clark, 33, after he was accused of pulling “sickies” while he was forced to miss work due to an illness. Rylan returned to his duties on BBC Radio 2 at the weekend following concerns over his health after falling ill earlier this month.

But one listener hit out at Eamonn, who they accused of having “no talent or opinions”, while saying they were becoming “weary” of Rylan’s “sickies”.

Taking to social media to reveal their views, Twitter user mjkennington wrote: “Never been a fan of @EamonnHolmes but sadly our TV & radio shows are loaded with presenters like him, who openly admit to having no talent or opinions & wonder why they’re in their well paid jobs.

“At least @piersmorgan has an opinion. Also growing weary of @Rylan’s ‘sickies’.”

Soon after, Rylan replied: “Sickies? I was ill?”

While Eamonn fired back in a later reply, in which he branded his critic a “stupid ignoramus”.

He typed: “Rylan , I was going to challenge this stupid ignoramus …. decided not to but because he has annoyed you he has annoyed me more.

“I know how truly ill you have been …

“I just hope he never catches one of your ‘Sickies’.

“Stay well my friend x” the GB News presenter concluded.

Rylan showed his appreciation for Eamonn’s statement by simply replying to his tweet with a red love heart emoji.

Other Twitter users also responded to Eamonn’s tweet, praising the broadcaster’s reaction to the criticism.

Danieljames1925 penned: “Great to hear and read of you speaking your mind too Eamonn.

“Never stop the ‘Belfast Streetfighter’ side of you. Or the cool, calm journalistic side.

“You have your own individual style.

“Long may you share it on our TV screens.”

Charl0ttesayshi added: “Love this. Hope you’ll both be on TV together again soon! xxx”

EmmaColley8 said: “Admire your restraint, obviously a way better person than I am. Love you both!!”

GillPaterson_ wrote: “Ignore these negative comments.

“You two are truly the kindest most genuine people who are great at what you do!

“I hope you stay well and happy always.”

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