Soko Dons Suit of Armor in ‘Looking For Love’ Music Video – Watch!

Soko suits up in body armor for her brand new “Looking For Love” music video.

“I wanted to be a knight on a quest for love,” said the French singer-songwriter. “But the idea really started with the costume. I wanted to do a photo shoot with my friend, Cameron McCool, and I bought this chainmail and a Roman helmet on Craigslist. Cameron then brought in this magnificent vintage red robe, and it completed the outfit so perfectly that I immediately knew I wanted this character to be the main idea for the video for ‘Looking for Love.’ I wanted it to feel like an epic trailer of a movie about some sort of Joan of Arc meet Don Quixote as a warrior of love, running through the woods, with a horse as my most loyal companion. My friend, Gilbert Trejo, and I did the whole video in five days from location scouting to editing. In the video, by leaving the woods, it felt like leaving the comfort of childhood, the comfort of the known, and looking for something bigger, or maybe just different. And while the horse feels like it may be my greatest love, sometimes in life, you have to leave a situation to really figure yourself out.”

ICYMI, Soko just shared her top ten movies to cry during and the perfect treats to eat while watching said films. Her forthcoming third album, Feel Feelings, is out this week – July 10th!

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