Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Reveals HUGE Family News!

The Brown family has gone through tons of big changes in the past few years.

Which is really just sort of to be expected when you have 23 people in an immediate family.

Let’s see … they’ve made that big awful move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, and there have been several moves around Flagstaff for three out of four of the sister wives.

Kody’s relationship with Robyn, which we would have previously said was by far the strongest, seems to be in a pretty bad place.

Meri has been stepping further and further away from the family with her various business ventures.

Kody and his wives have become grandparents, thanks to Maddie giving birth to two children.

Yeah, like we said, there’s been a lot going on with them.

And this weekend, something pretty major happened with one of the family members, as revealed by Janelle on social media.

Hunter graduated from the Air Force Academy!

He hasn’t been on the show too much for the past few years because he’s been busy — he previously graduated from the Air Force Preparatory School in 2016, and obviously he’s been in the academy since then.

But, considering everything going on in the world these days, it wasn’t a normal ceremony.

For one, it was moved up a bit, something that apparently hasn’t happened since the second world war.

And two, in following with social distancing guidelines, the ceremony was livestreamed on YouTube so that family members could watch their loved ones graduate.

Janelle shared a photo from the livestream so we could see Hunter in his big moment, and in her caption, she acknowledged that “This year is full of the unusual and bittersweet.”

“Not how we imagined we would be watching Hunter commission and graduate,” she admitted, “but here we are.”

“Big graduation ceremony tomorrow.”

Yesterday she shared a news article about that big ceremony — cadets were placed eight feet apart from each other so they could still carry out their traditions.

Her post received hundreds of comments, all full of support.

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People sent their congratulations to Hunter and commiserated with her over her disappointment in not being able to attend his graduation.

It was all very sweet, and we imagine it helped with Janelle’s disappointment, at least a little bit.

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