Shailene Woodley Split From Ben Volavola Because She’s Not Ready for Marriage

The ‘Divergent’ actress reveals she broke up with her rugby player boyfriend after realizing she’s not ready to ‘fully commit’ to a relationship during the filming of her new movie.

AceShowbizShailene Woodley called time on her romance with rugby player Ben Volavola after a film role made her realise she wasn’t ready to “fully commit” to a relationship.

The “Big Little Lies” star opened up to Bustle about her relationship status, admitting she had decided to go into lockdown in a cabin by herself during the coronavirus pandemic following the split.

“I was in a relationship with someone and we were very much on the road to marriage and children,” she said. “(But while filming Endings Beginnings) I realised I was still at an age where I wasn’t able to fully commit. I couldn’t be available to him in the way that I wanted to be. I didn’t fully love myself.”

Shailene stars as Daphne in new movie “Endings Beginnings”, with the film following her character as she sleeps with two best friends after taking a six month vow of celibacy. The director, Drake Doremus, gave the cast an 80-page outline of the film and told them to improvise the rest – and it was this process that made the 28-year-old realise the issues in her relationship.

“What improvising an entire movie does is forces you to be truthful in a way that even in your own life you’re not truthful,” she explained. “Because of that raw, vulnerable state we submitted to while performing these characters, I learned a lot about what was and wasn’t working in my personal life.”

But now she doesn’t have any potential suitors to distract herself, Shailene is fully focused on self-growth during the global health pandemic.

“I was trying to use relationships to distract me from getting to know myself,” she explained. “(Now) I can’t run from myself. I can try, but my house is not that big.”

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